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PD Sideways print program with patch to include graphics characters.
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PD Sideways print program with patch to include graphics characters.
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Contents of the PDSWG.DOC file


PDSW by Donavon Kuhn
modifications by JLDIII
24 November 1985

This Public Domain Sideways printing program has one
added feature not found on many other sideways printers (I don't
even think the Funk Software, expensive one does it):

SWG will print all lines/boxes and some graphics chars
(if you go in and add the table entries, it will print them all!)

There are two versions provided:
PDSWG has all the characters in the lookup table in the
asm code.
PDSWGROM takes the characters 0 through 127 from the
IBM PC ROM. These characters are there for use when the mode is
medium or high resolution mode. This may not work on some
compatibles. (It does work quite well on a Zenith Z-150.)

I took the ASM file created by Donavon Kuhn and added code to
get the standard characters from the IBM ROM to get better
looking characters. I then added the code and lookup table to
print some of the graphics characters and Voila, you have SWG.

Note that not all of the graphics characters have been entered
in the table. I lost interest in adding some of the characters
after the ones I use most of the time. Most of the rest were
just Greek to me. (R,R) You are certainly welcome to add the
rest and upload this thing back to the bulletin boards.

If you wish to add the rest, here's how. The lookup table
consists of 8 8-bit bytes which represent the 8 by 8 matrix of
the character. To compute the proper numbers see this example.

8 . . . x x . . . = 24

7 . . x x x x . . = 60

6 . . x x x x . . = 60

5 . . . x x . . . = 24

4 . . . x x . . . = 24

3 . . . . . . . . = 0

2 . . . x x . . . = 24

1 . . . . . . . . = 0

128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1

The exclamation mark would show up in the table as:

db 0,24,0,24,24,60,60,24 ;!
Value: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Use the same technique to add the rest and you've got them all.

Thanks to Donavon Kuhn for his excellent PD Sideways
program. Use and enjoy. If you have any good words, please pass
them on to Donavon and/or
J. L. Dove III
8581 Chester Grove Ct
Springfield, VA 22153

The vertical lines do not touch. There is about one-half
millimeter between the lines. It is not that critical, but it is
annoying. Oh, well, what do you expect for free?!!

(I've included Donavon Kuhn's original documentation, because the
restrictions still apply.)

PDSW - Public Domain SideWays (pd)1985 by Donavon Kuhn

Usage: PDSW filename

Where: filename is the name of a file to print
sideways on an Epson printer on LPT1:

Note: The maximum lines per page is 48. The maximum columns per
line is 1024. An error message is printed and the program
is terminated if the 1024 limit is exceeded.

This program is meant for the public domain and may not be
sold in any form. The source code is provided for those who
would like to learn and possibly modify the code for use on
other printers. This program isn't as flashy as the Funk
Software version, but then again, it's free.

I may be reached on the USRobotics Fido #500 Bullitain board
at (312) 960-5928 or on Gene Plantz's BBS (312) 885-9552.

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