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TSR util to set NLQ 324c color printers from Printers Plus.
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TSR util to set NLQ 324c color printers from Printers Plus.
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NOPRESET.COM (No Printer Resets)
Rod L Renner, Silver Spring MD
March 19, 1986

Do you spend time getting the proper settings just right for your printer
only to have some program wipe it out by initializing the printer port. (Some
versions of BASIC do this.) NOPRESET may be your answer. When run, it
attaches itself to DOS then quits, but sits quietly monitoring all output to
the printer port (LPT1). All printing passes through without a hiccup, but
any reset command is simply thrown away, thereby protecting your settings.
If your wish to reset your printer, simply turn it off, then back on again.

NOPRESET should be run once, which will keep it in effect until you
reboot or turn off your computer. If you need to use NOPRESET often, include
it in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

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