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Various setup programs for the DeskJet Printer. Emulate a line printer.
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Various setup programs for the DeskJet Printer. Emulate a line printer.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
D10CPI.COM 28 24 deflated
D20CPI.COM 28 24 deflated
D66.COM 68 34 deflated
D84.COM 68 37 deflated
DCOND.COM 40 30 deflated
DDRAFT.COM 24 24 stored
DESKJET.DOC 1243 624 deflated
DLQ.COM 24 24 stored
DRESET.COM 12 12 stored

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Contents of the DESKJET.DOC file

DeskJet.arc - Com files for setting the HP Deskjet Printer 5/24/88

DRESET.COM Resets Deskjet to status at turn on. (issues a Reset)
DCOND.COM Effectuates condensed print 16.67 cpi.
D10CPI.COM Effectuates normal 10 cpi. (the default)
DLQ.COM Switches to Letter Quality print. (the default)
DDRAFT.COM Switches to Draft print mode.
D66.COM Sets Page to normal size, 66 lines, no skip.
D20CPI.COM Effectuates 20 cpi.
D84.COM Sets Page to Legal Size, 84 lines, no skip.

The Files and set the printer to act similar to a
line printer in the way it handles the pages. Often with the Laserjet
and the Deskjet also, subsequent pages are thrown off because the printer
establishes a fixed page size and top and bottom margin size. These two
files should eliminate problems of text carrying over from one page to the
next when the text should be on the previous page. I made so I
could use the Deskjet with PFS Professional File in page size of 84 lines,
Legal Size Paper, and for other software. These allow the software to
control the printer rather than the fixed HP pagesize defaults.

Gary C. Arey - Garland, Tx.

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