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Save a tree, print screen dump to a disk file. Memory resident.
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Save a tree, print screen dump to a disk file. Memory resident.
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SCR2FILE 1.1 05/90

Copyright 1990 Dale W. Martin
P.O. Box 122
Abingdon, MD 21009

All rights reserved

SCR2FILE is a terminate and stay resident program (TSR).
It works on any IBM PC, XT, AT, and most compatibles with DOS

The program is in a file called SCR2FILE.COM. You load
it by typing in SCR2FILE at the DOS prompt.

SCR2FILE works like the standard function
for text mode screens. The difference is that the screen is
dumped to an ASCII file instead of a printer. Each screen is
appended to the last - so you can put multiple screens in a

SCR2FILE can used to create program documentation. You
can trap program screens in a file. Then load the file into a
word-processor and add your commentary.

If you use a communications program that does not have a
logging function SCR2FILE can be very handy. When you are
presented with a screen full of information that you wish to
keep, simply invoke SCR2FILE by pressing the left and
keys simultaneously. The data will be saved
to a file. Pressing Right , and will
still dump the screen to the printer.

You can specify the file to be used when you execute
SCR2FILE. If no file is specified the program uses SCREEN.SAV.
If you want to change to a different file simply use the DOS
RENAME command on your current save file. The next time you
invoke SCR2FILE it will automatically recreate an empty save
file with the pathname that you originally gave it.



When you are done with the program, you can remove it
from memory by pressing the , left , and
keys simultaneously.

SCR2FILE was written in Turbo C. I hope that you find it
to be useful.

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