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Source code print program for hp thinkjet.
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Source code print program for hp thinkjet.
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Contents of the HPPRINT.DOC file

HPPRINT (c) 1987, GMUtant Software

HPPRINT.EXE is a short 'C' program to print out source code listings
on an HP-THINKJET printer. The program prints in compressed mode
with 80 lines per page. You should use the Alternate Mode on your
printer (for IBM-PC). With minor modifications, this can drive
most any dot-matrix printer...just find out what your codes for
compressed print and 8 lines per page are and modify.

Here's the source code for HPPRINT

** Program: hpprint.c
** Function: file dump program for HP-THINKJET.
** Prints program in condensed mode, 8 lines to inch (80 lines page)
** Line Numbering optional.
** Date: 09/14/87
** Compiler: Microsoft, version 4.0
** Author: W. Grotophorst, Library Systems Office, George Mason U.


#define MAX 225
#define BREAKPOINT 6
#define PutPrinter(ch) putc(ch,stdout)
#define PAGE 80

FILE *InFile;
int argc;
char *argv[];
struct tm *newtime;
char *am_pm = "PM";
time_t long_time;

char line[MAX];
char fname[13]; /* holds name of file, print at top of each page */
int lines=0; /* line counter, per page */
int pc=1; /* page counter */
int i,lc=0;

newtime = localtime(&long_time);
if (newtime->tm_hour < 12) /* time routine from Microsoft */
am_pm = "AM"; /* C (version 4) reference */
if (newtime->tm_hour > 12) /* manual, page 262 */
newtime->tm_hour -= 12;

if (argc < 2) {
puts(" ");
puts("HPPRINT (c) 1987, GMUtant Software");
puts("Source Code print program for HP-Thinkjet printer (Alternate mode).");
puts("Program prints out source code listing in condensed print, 80 lines per page.");
puts("Line numbering is optional.");
puts(" ");
puts("Usage: HPPRINT FileName [l] [Output to Screen]");
puts(" HPPRINT FileName [l] > LPT1: [Redirect Output]");
puts(" [l] is optional, will add line numbers to source.");


if (!(InFile = fopen(argv[1],"r"))) {
puts("hpprint [ERROR]: Can't find input file [%s]",argv[1]);

PutPrinter(15); /* HP THINKJET (Alt Mode) Compressed */
PutPrinter(27); /* 8 lines to */
PutPrinter(48); /* the inch */

printf("%s print date: %.16s %s \n",fname,asctime(newtime),am_pm);

while (fgets(line,MAX,InFile) != NULL)

if ( lines > PAGE )
for(i=1;i printf("\n");
printf("%s (continued) page: %d\n\n",fname,pc);
lines = 0;
if (argc == 2)
printf(" %s",line);
printf("[%d] %s",lc,line);


PutPrinter(18); /* Return Printer to Normal */
PutPrinter(27); /* 8 lines to */
PutPrinter(50); /* the inch */

} /* EOF: hpprint.c */

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