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Panasonic printer setup menu with many options.
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Panasonic printer setup menu with many options.
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Contents of the PAN.DOC file

ver 1.10
by Manny Lee

Syntax : PAN.EXE

Description : An printer setup utility for the Panasonic 1080i (and other
Panasonic dot matrix printers, i guess). 68 (90%) of the
functions listed in the manual are inplemented in this version.
(Please refer to the Panasonic's user manual ). The program's
menu contains the names of the functions and a short
description for each.

Arrows keys, Home, End, PgUp, PgDn
move around in the menu.

execute the currently highlighted function.
after it is done, a high pitch sound will be heard.

find a function that contains in its name or
description. It's case sensitive.

N -- find next occurrance of .

Q,X -- quit without clearing the screen.

G # -- goto a specific entry

ESC -- exit and clears the screen.

Note : For most functions, you won't notice anything from the
The control codes are sent to the printer's buffer.
To clear the buffer, you have to do send a carrige return
or line feed.
Function 74 (send a string) on the menu clear the buffer
Functions with an * at the end of its description require
additional input.
For a detailed description of each function, please refer
to the user's manual.

I know this documentation is pathetic, but it's my first, so
have mercy. Any comments, tips, are welcome. I can also be
reached at [email protected] or

The program is absolutely FREE. Don't want money, just praises,
encouragement, advise, tips.

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