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Easy to use cassette label maker (for audio cassettes).
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Easy to use cassette label maker (for audio cassettes).
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Contents of the CASSLAB2.DOC file

Fred Porter
Timberwolfe Records
306 W. 91st Street #8
New York, NY 10024

CASSLAB2.EXE is a compiled basic program to print multiple audio

cassette labels on die-cut, pinfeed cassette labels, on an Epson

MX-FX or equivalent Dot Matrix printer. It will automatically,

consecutively number each song title and will accept as many song

titles as can be fit onto the six lines of the label available

for the song titles.

At the bottom of the label there are two lines available for

whatever you wish to put there. Each line will accept up to 54

characters and will be centered on the bottom portion of the

label. This is good for things like "Produced by.........." or

"Written by....................." etc. When the program is run

you are asked for a filename, this is the name of the file you

are going to create to hold the data for that particular label.

be sure to include the drive and path if you are saving or

printing a file on other than the default drive or directory.

When printing labels, the first label of a printing session is

always bad (like the first waffle), allow for this and print at

least 1 extra.

Version 1.2 contains modifications to allow the program to run

properly on an Epson FX series printer as well as the MX series.

It has not been tested on any other brand printer, but presumably

it will work on any printer that uses Epson codes.

Blank cassette labels are available from me for $40.00 per

thousand or $4.00 per hundred in lots of 100 plus $2.50 per order

for shipping and handling.

The program is Copyrighted 1988 by Fred Porter. It is

distributed as Shareware. You may copy it and give it to your

friends as long as no part of the program or this documentation

are modified in any way.

If you find the program to be useful, a donation of $10.00 would be

appreciated, this will help pay for the time spent writing this


This program is distributed without warranty and the Author

assumes no responsibility for its performance.

Enjoy, and I hope you find it useful. It has saved me many hours

of typing and presents a neat and attractive package.

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