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Quick Diskette Label 1.3. Prints disk labels on your printer.
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Quick Diskette Label 1.3. Prints disk labels on your printer.
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Contents of the README file

QuikLabel (tm) Version 1.3
(c) Copyright Kenneth E. Conaway 1990 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

I wrote this program mainly for my own personal use. I'm basically
lazy about labeling diskettes and was constantly doings DIR's on
floppy disks in frustrating searches for some long forgotten file.
Having tried countless diskette labeling programs downloaded from BBS
systems, I found none that would do exactly what I needed to do
without any hassle. Thus was born Quiklabel.

I've tested this program on my 286 clone and the systems of my friends
and there have never been any problems but as with any program that reads
a disk please use at your own discretion.

Sorry for the disclaimer, but you do understand.

Quiklabel loads much faster run from your hard disk, but will run on
one floppy if you only have floppies. Just make sure that you remove
the program disk after you start the program.


drive, drive, ther or uit?

- Press
for A drive
- Press for B drive
- Press for Other drive.
- Press To Quit.


rinter, ore, estart, uit?

- Press

for printer
- Press for more from the same drive
- Press to restart QuikLabel.
- Press To Quit.

-> Command Line Option <-

If you wish to run the program from the DOS command line with your
floppy drive designated as A, simply type this:


This will bypass the opening screen and take you directly into the
program. Of course you may substitute the drive letter of your
choice for the letter A.

I believe the program is intuitive and there is no need for a lot of
instruction. If you can read, you won't have any problem making it go.
Just type QDLBL13 at the prompt and you're on your way.

Notes -----

Copyright Kenneth E. Conaway 1989-90 All rights reserved.

QDLBL13 was written using the Microsoft Quick Basic Compiler,
Version 4.50.

QDLBL13 is supplied for personal, private use. Feel free to
distribute QDLBL13 given these restrictions:

o the program shall be supplied in its original, unmodified
form, which includes this documentation;

o no fee is charged;

o "commmercial" use without a license is prohibited;

o the program may not be included - or bundled - with other
goods or services. Exceptions may be granted upon written
request only. This also applies to clubs and distributors.

If you find QDLBL13 of value, your gift of $10, or any amount, would
be greatly appreciated.

Please direct your inquiries, complaints, suggestions, etc., to:

Ken Conaway
1889 Timberlane Rd.
Milledgeville, GA 30161

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