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Excellent print spooler that will service up to three printers at once.
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Excellent print spooler that will service up to three printers at once.
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A multi-printer spooler
Copyright 1989 - Jeff Newbro


Versa-Spool is a print spooler for the IBM-PC computer which
permits up to three printers to be independently spooled as
background processes. It is called from a dos prompt with the
following syntax :

SPOOL [-option(s)]

where option is one or more of the following :
-b{n} = Buffer size (n=1..Available memory in k)
-c = Clear print buffer
-n{n} = printer Number (n=1..3)
-p = toggle Pause
-r{n} = Redirect output to new device (n=1..3)
-s{n} = output Speed in cpi (default = 100)
-? = Show status

The options will be discussed individually here :

-b Most spoolers are limited to 64k, but Versa-Spool
permits settings between 1k and the maximum available
memory in your machine (less 64k). The default setting
is 1k.

-c The print buffer selected by the -n parameter will be

-n The printer which is to be spooled may be selected as
number 1 through 3, corresponding to LPT1: through
LPT3:. The default is 1.

-p If the selected printer is operating, it will pause,
and if it is paused, it will be restarted.

-r Once installed, the output from the spooler may be
redirected from its normal device to another LPT:
through the use of this parameter.

-s The output speed parameter determines the efficiency of
Versa-Spool for the environment in which it is being
used. Since Versa-Spool shares the computer's
attention with the currently running application, there
is a compromise between the rate at which it sends data
to the printer, and the rate at which it permits the
currently running application to perform its functions.
Outputting data to the printer at a rate faster than
either the computer can process it, or the printer can
accept it will result in Versa-Spool hogging the
computer's time to no advantage, and causing the
application program to seem unresponsive. Outputting
too slowly, of course will cause large documents to
take excessive amounts of time to print. Since the
circumstances under which Versa-Spool may be expected


to vary widely, this parameter has been made accessible
to the user. This parameter is adjustable from 20 to
16000 characters per second, in increments of 20 cps.


Here are a few example command lines and the resulting Versa-
Spool configurations.

Command Configuration

To Install :

C:\> spool Show syntax for Versa-Spool
but do not install.

C:\> spool -n2 -b60 Install Versa-Spool with 60k
100cps buffers for LPT1: and

C:\> spool -n1 -s350 Install a 350k, 100cps spooler
for LPT1:.

C:\> spool -s256 -n1 -o200 Install a 256k, 200cps spooler
for LPT1:.

After Installation :

C:\> spool -n1 -? Show the current status of

C:\> spool -n1 -c Clear the buffer for LPT1:.

C:\> spool -n2 -p If LPT2: is printing, it will
pause, otherwise, it will
resume printing.

C:\> spool -n1 -r2 Redirect the output of logical
LPT1: to physical LPT2:.

Business Stuff

This program is distributed under the ShareWare concept. Under
this philosophy you may run the program for the purpose of
evaluation for a reasonable period of time without incurring any
liability either to purchase a license or be held responsible for
any copyright violations. If you decide that the program does
suit your purposes, however, you are obliged to purchase a
license to use it and pay a registration fee. When you register


your program, you will receive your own serialized copy which
will probably earn you money, since a commission of 25% is paid
to the licensee whose serial number appears on each registration
form received. Thus, if you upload your copy to a bulletin board
and five people download it and register as licensees, you will
not only have acted in good faith, but made money for having done
so. These commissions are paid at the end of each month.

Now that your interests are protected, the license to use Versa-
Spool is issued subject to the conditions specified on the
registration form.

Thank you for your interest in Versa-Spool and I hope you enjoy
using it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.


Registration Form

Licensing Conditions
No warranty is either expressed or implied with regard to Versa-
Spool. The user has more than ample opportunity to evaluate the
performance of the program under normal operating conditions, and
the author cannot be expected to bear the consequences of an
improper evaluation. Further, the author will be held blameless
for any and all damages arising from the use of Versa-Spool, be
they direct or consequential.

Name :______________________________________________________

Title :_____________________________________________________

Company :___________________________________________________

Address :___________________________________________________

City,State,Zip :____________________________________________

Business Telephone :________________________________________

Serial number of evaluation Versa-Spool :___________________

I have read and agree to the terms of the license agreement :

________________________________________________ ___/___/___
(Signature) (Date)

Comments or suggestions :___________________________________



Please complete the above form and send it with your check or
money order for $20 (plus appropriate sales tax in MA) to :

Jeff Newbro
267 Lexington Street
East Boston, MA 02128


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