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Add file name, date, time & size to hard copy.
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Add file name, date, time & size to hard copy.
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Contents of the COPYHEAD.DOC file

COPYHEAD.COM (TM) (C) Copyright 1992 Soft Exec (R). All rights reserved.

COPYHEAD.COM is a printer utility that duplicates the output
of the DOS "copy [d:][path] filename Lpt1:" command and prints
a file identity header on the first line of the hardcopy that
contains the date, time, number of bytes and name of the file.

The format for this utility is "copyhead [d:][path] filename".
Copy this utility to the subdirectory that contains your DOS
or general utilities.

The purchaser of this program is licensed to install and
personally use this software on any computer that is owned by
the purchaser.

Personal use licenses are available for a price of $5.00 and
Site licenses for multiple uses are available for a price of
$50.00 via check or money order to --

Soft Exec
P. O. Box 1072
Hunt Valley, Maryland 21031

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