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DocSmash V3.32 prints 4 pages in one with ability to configure for many other printers than default Epson including HP Laser.
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DocSmash V3.32 prints 4 pages in one with ability to configure for many other printers than default Epson including HP Laser.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DESKJET.TXT 1306 604 deflated
DOCSMASH.DOC 22376 8255 deflated
DOCSMASH.EXE 107286 57241 deflated
HPDJPLUS.PRN 364 177 deflated
HPII.PRN 338 155 deflated
HPII.TXT 2234 1078 deflated
HPLJ2.PRN 388 206 deflated
HPLJ2.TXT 2727 1146 deflated
README.1ST 3353 1581 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Some of the later versions of DOCSMASH began "blowing out" on some
machines. This occurred about the time that the program began to exceed
64K in length. I can only attribute the problems to Turbo Basic's
inability to cope with that size program. TB is reportedly somewhat BUGGY.
I have since begun using Microsoft's QuickBasic to compile DOCSMASH. The
reports I am getting from users who previously had trouble are positive.
DOCSMASH now functions on their machines. (Interesting note here, the code
produced by Turbo Basic for version 3.1 was about 71K. QuickBasic's code
for the same program is over 90K.)

After beginning the DOCSMASH program, immediately hit to go to
the color selection menu. Use any bright foreground color you want. For
best results, use a background color of 0. Version 3.0 tended to have
problems with monochrome monitors using certain video boards. The help
screen created by DOCSMASH is on a second video page in memory. Some
monochrome systems do not have the capability of displaying that second
page. In that event a message will be displayed on the screen saying that
the help screen has been disabled.


DOCSMASH includes preset defaults for printer settings which should run on
many Epson compatible printers. In the event that your hardware does not
print properly the first time you run the program, or if you just want to
change the format of the printed output, PLEASE READ THE .DOC FILE. This
file contains the instructions for changing certain printing parameters.
If your printer is EPSON Compatible, but you still do not like the printer
codes as I have entered them, feel free to follow the directions as if your
printer is not EPSON Compatible, and enter your own codes.


Do not even run DOCSMASH prior to reading the DOCSMASH.DOC file for
instructions on how to enter your own printer control codes. You will need
certain information contained therein to begin.

If you have used earlier versions of DOCSMASH and set up custome printer
codes, you MUST DELETE the old .PRN file. This new version creates an
entirely different type of file. It will try to read the old file,
most likely causing problems. Sorry, I could not make the upgrade easy
due to the differences of all the printers in use.

Thanks to user, Craig Thurber, I have been able to include two files for
running DOCSMASH on Hewlett Packard printers (HPLJ2 and HPDJ+). The two
.TXT files included in this .ZIP package discuss each of the two printers
and the necessary codes. Also, I have created two .PRN files from these
codes. If you wish to use either one of these files with DOCSMASH, simply
rename the particular file you wish to use as DOCSMASH.PRN and copy it to
the root directory of the drive you will be using. (For example, if you
have the HP Laser Jet then copy the file HPLJ2.PRN to the root directory

Contact Craig on Compuserve (72711,735) if you have questions on laser
printer use, etc.

If all else fails, read the directions!

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