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Prints multiple copies of text.
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Prints multiple copies of text.
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Version 1.0c

Copyright (C) 1986, Gtronics * Bennett Griffin, Jr.

All Rights Reserved.

The Aztec BBS
621 N. Willow 300/1200 n, 8, 1
Derby, KS 67037 24 Hours a day.
(316) 788-3630
COLLIE Net/Node 800/8

Utility to print a file or multiple files with spacing over preforation and
page breaks between files.

To run, simply invoke with the following syntax :

BULKPRN [/C] [d:][path]filename[.ext] [d:][path]filename[.ext]...

You may specify up to 10 individual filenames, and each filename MAY include
wildcards. The /C option is for configuration, see below.



This example will print the file MYFILE.BAS in the current drive/directory
if it exists, a page break, and each file with an extention of .TXT in the
current drive/directory each seperated by a page break.

BULK PRINT tells you on the screen the file it is currently printing.

You may specify up to 10 different filenames, any or all with wildcards. If
you give an 11th BULK PRINT will ignore it (and any other filenames after

BULK PRINT also scans the file for page breaks. If the file includes a page
break itself, BULK PRINT takes over and does a page break so spacing maintains

You MAY BULK PRINT non-text files (it may throw your printer into fits) and
BULK PRINT prints the ENTIRE binary file, NOT to the first CNTL-Z, so you get
a copy of the entire binary file.


If you invoke BULK PRINT with the /C configuration option, BULK PRINT goes
into configuration mode. The only variable you may change in BULK PRINT
is the Lines Per Page (LPP) variable. This may be changed so that page breaks

are spaced correctly. The LPP variable is initially set to 66 and that is
fairly standard. If you need to change the number, invoke BULK PRINT like :


The LPP variable may have a value of 1 - 128. When you change the LPP
variable, BULK PRINT clones itself with the new value set, so no
data file is made. If you reset LPP to 70, then when you invoke BULK PRINT
it automatically uses a LPP of 70, and if you copy BULKPRN.COM to another
disk, it will use a LPP of 70 also.

REVISION 1.0c updates/fixes over 1.0b

When fixing the bug in 1.0a, I accidentally changed an integer from 5 to 6
in the formatting page breaks procedures. This would cause the paper to
gradually scroll an extra line. This has been fixed.

REVISION 1.0b updates/fixes over 1.0a

BULK PRINT 1.0b now successfully works with the * wildcards. Before, BULK
PRINT would print each matching file except the first twice. That problem has
been corrected.


BULK PRINT is distributed under the ShareWare/UserWare concept. You are free
to distribute BULK PRINT provided it is not modified in any way, it is
distributed with this documentation, and no fee is charged for it. If you
feel this program has any value, or find yourself using BULK PRINT, your
contribution of $5 - $20 is greatly appreciated. Your contributions insure
more updates of this and other fine programs from Gtronics.

Gtronics and Bennett Griffin are not responsible in any way for any damage
to either CPU or printer caused in part or in whole by BULK PRINT.

****** End Of File ******

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