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Prints sorted listing of any directory.
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Prints sorted listing of any directory.
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Print Directory
Copyright 1991, Bruce Warr

This program will print out to screen or printer a sorted listing of any
directory on any drive you specify. The listing header includes all disk
information (volume, etc.). File names and sizes are listed three across.

The program first determines the current (default) drive and directory.
You are then requested to enter the drive and then the directory you wish to
list. Entering just a RETURN accepts the current drive/directory.

NOTE: If you are going to list a directory on the same drive that is NOT a
subdirectory of the current directory, you MUST preceed the directory name
with a backslash (\), otherwise you will get an "invalid directory" error
and the current directory will print out. In short, enter the directory
name the same way you would if you were using the DOS CD command (which is
what the program does).

You are then asked to enter the output device (screen or printer). Enter
only S or P. After the listing is printed, the program resets the drive and
directory to what they were originally (if you didn't list the default).

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