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Printer control program for the HP Deskjet 500.
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Printer control program for the HP Deskjet 500.
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Andy Johnson

Version 1.1 October 1990

Copyright (c) Andy Johnson 1990


DJ500.DOC 6,629 bytes (this file)
DJ500.EXE 28,610 bytes (the DJ500 v1.1 setup utility)


Why did I write this program?

Well, at the beginning of October 1990 I bought one of the
new Hewlett Packard DeskJet 500 printers. Although
physically it looks just like the older DeskJets, it does
have extra typefaces - the only problem is that they are only
accessable from software.

Although you can setup your favourite word processor to
select these typefaces, I thought it would be very handy to
have a small utility that could select them for any purpose.
Then I started to add extra selections that seemed useful to
me. Many of the selections will work on older DeskJets, the
ones that are only available on the DeskJet 500 are marked as


Very simply!

After hitting any key to clear the front screen you are given
a menu of choices from 1 - 22 plus P and Q.

1 - 6 select different typefaces. You can hit P to Print an
example of the last font you selected. If you hit P before
you select any font with this program then it will use
whatever mode your DeskJet happens to be in.

After Printing an example you are prompted to hit 7 (for form
feed) if you want to see the result straight away.

However, if you wanted to see a selection of typefaces on a
DeskJet 500 you would key the following (plus Enter after
each one):

1 P 2 P 3 P 4 P 5 P 6 P and then 7 for form feed.

Other options on the menu are:

Line feed, draft/letter quality, landscape/portrait,
perforation skip off/on, graphics dpi setting, text scale
on/off, printer self test (runs built in print test) and

Note - if you want to print 66 lines on a page you can choose
option 13 to set perforation skip to OFF (this starts
printing nearer the top of the page) and then option 19 to
turn Text Scale ON.

The last option is Q for Quit.

DJ500 will detect and report if your printer is switched off
or is out of paper. If you get this message then you have the
choice of putting it right or hitting ESC to exit the

Many programs have a SHELL TO DOS feature. If you find you
suddenly need a typeface that is not available from your word
processor etc then just SHELL out of it and run DJ500, make
your choice and then EXIT back to it.


This version will only work with a Deskjet connected to LPT1.
I guess this should cover 99% of users, but support for LPT2
could be added if required.

There are many other selections that could be added - e.g.
Italics, Bold, Page Length etc - let me know if you would
like any added to future versions.

Your feedback is welcome! See the end of this DOC file for
contact details.


Many thanks to:

Terry Love for his advice and help in streamlining the code.
Walter Worland for his testing and helpful suggestions.


DJ500 version 1.1 - 31st October 1990
Minor revisions - no functional changes.

DJ500 version 1.0 - 21st October 1990
This was the first full release of DJ500.

The latest version can always be obtained from the
Direct-Line online system - see below for details.


Please distribute DJ500 widely!

The only restrictions are:

1 - No charge may be made for DJ500.
2 - No changes are made to the program.
3 - This DJ500.DOC file is also supplied.

As there is no charge for DJ500 there can be no warranty!
Although DJ500 has been tested extensively, you use at your
own risk.


I have also written another DeskJet utility called DJENV.
This prints names and addresses on envelopes using any
DeskJet printer. The latest version of DJENV is also
available from the Direct-Line Online system.


I can be contacted on the following online systems:

Direct-Line - account name : Andy Johnson

D I R E C T - L I N E M U L T I - N O D E

Direct-Line 1 081-841-1847 300/1200/1200-75/2400
Direct-Line 2 081-842-2030 300/1200/2400 + 9600 & 14,400 HST
Direct-Line 3 081-842-4176 300/1200/1200-75/2400

Prestel - account number : mbx 919999254

MicroLink - account number : MAG70456

Compuserve - account number : 100012,351

Cix - account name : ajohnson

Or by FAX to 0992-586406.

Non UK users please note that all telephone numbers are
in UK format - you will need to use your international code
for the UK and also omit the leading '0' from the numbers

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