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A printer control program for the Panasonic KX-P1080i.
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A printer control program for the Panasonic KX-P1080i.
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A Printer Control Program

For the Panasonic KX-P1080i


Bob Toomey

This is an easy program to use. Just type KX at the DOS prompt and this
is what you'll see:


A. Elite DRAFT M. Emphasized ON
B. Elite NLQ N. Emphasized OFF
C. Pica DRAFT O. 1/8 Inch Line
D. Pica NLQ P. 1/6 Inch Line
E. Italic ON Q. Proportional ON
F. Italic OFF R. Proportional OFF
G. Double Wide ON S. Graphics ON
H. Double Wide OFF T. Graphics OFF
I. Compressed ON U. Reset
J. Compressed OFF
K. Tiny Print ON X. EXIT
L. Tiny Print OFF

Select an Option:


To activate an option, just press its letter on the keyboard, upper or
lower case. The options may be mixed and matched. Some won't work
together, such as Compressed Print and Double Wide Print, but both will
work separately with Proportional Spacing ON.

The Elite font looks best with 1/6 Inch line spacing. The printer's
default on startup is 1/8 Inch and the Pica Draft font, which is
slightly larger and not quite as pleasing as Elite.

The Graphics switch selects the IBM Graphics Printer Mode II, which
contains all the box drawing characters. To test the Graphics Mode,
call KX, set Graphics ON, and do a printscreen. The line characters
around the menu should print out correctly. Switch Graphics OFF and
print the screen again. Italicized letters will replace the line
characters. Graphics Mode works with all fonts.

Tiny Print is half the size of Compressed Print and is surprisingly
readable. It's good for printing out computer documentation, program
code, and questionable clauses in contracts. Switch it on while in the
Graphics Mode and print the screen to see what it looks like. It was
achieved by combining the Compressed Print command with the Superscript
command and reducing the line spacing.

I wrote this program for my own use, and I release it into the Public
Domain with two conditions:

1. this short document must always accompany it

2. no money may be charged for its use

Other than that, the usual disclaimers apply. Nothing is guaranteed or
warrateed, and no liability is assumed under any circumstances. If you
find the program useful, send a few bucks to Greenpeace, P.O. Box 3720,
Washington, D.C. 20007. It's a good cause and its tax-deductible.

Happy printing.

Bob Toomey
10:52 AM
May 13, 1989

via MY BBS (413) 789-0120, Agawam, MA
and MY OTHER BBS (301) 881-1481, Rockville, MD

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