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Tempra Print Pro demo from Mathematica.
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Tempra Print Pro demo from Mathematica.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


To install PRINTPRO copy the contents of this diskette into the
TEMPRA directory and type PRINTPRO. You will be prompted to select
the printer and display adapter you are running on. The next time
you invoke PRINTPRO it will pick up the last settings (unless you
type PRINTPRO -R, which will let you reconfigure).

This demo version includes a Logo Box on each print with the PRINTPRO.TXT
file inserted in it. Call 813 682 1128 to order a full working TEMPRA PRO
which includes an unrestricted copy of PRINTPRO.


Image Print Utility for Color Thermal and other quality Color and B/W Printers

program with its own easy-to-use, powerful GUI, which is similar to those in
Windows(tm) and OSF Motif(tm). It provides for local printing and unattended
batch printing of images across a network, and it allows users to take full
control of printing images with up to 16.7 million colors. TEMPRA PRINT PRO
meets a growing customer requirement for fast, easy-to-use and controllable
production of color and B/W prints.

Printers initially supported are the Seiko Instruments CH5500 series, CalComp
ColorMaster color thermal printers, all Color and B/W Postscript printers,
the HP PaintJet printers and the complete HP LazerJet family (1,2 and 3).

PRINTPRO was developed by Mathematica, Inc. to complement the TEMPRA PRO
providing a fast, high-quality printing solution in a local or networked
environment. Print times of 1 to 2 minutes are normal for images that take
8 to 16 minutes to print from Windows graphic or DTP applications, on the Seiko
5500 series printers.

Users can choose either a menu-driven or a command/batch file-driven operation
for TEMPRA PRINT PRO. PRINT PRO supports a range of video display adapters from
standard VGA to higher resolutions and a variety of popular file formats (TIFF,
TGA, GIF, PCX, and IBM AVC). TEMPRA PRINT PRO gives the user the ability to
print over a network to a dedicated PC running the TEMPRA PRINT PRO Server
utility. It also has a batch mode capability. Print capabilities include
image preview, crop, mirror, reduce, gamma and brightness control, print
queue, and queue status. Files with bit depths of 8, 16, and 24 bits (256
to 16.7 million colors) can be printed, at up to 8K by 8K resolution.

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