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Print 4 pages on one 8 x 11 page.
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Print 4 pages on one 8 x 11 page.
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Contents of the QP.DOC file

Four-Fold Print Utility
Copyright 1988, Gavin S. Patton

This program is NOT in the Public Domain. It is an RBF TestWare
product. If you find this program useful, we would appreciate it
if you would pay the very reasonable license fee of $25 in order
to continue using it. Your support of this program will allow
RBF to improve QuadPrint and produce other quality products in the
future. If you choose not to pay the license fee, RBF expects
you to stop using QuadPrint. Thank you in advance for your support!

Send $25 to: RBF Industries
1024 N. Mill St.
Naperville, IL 60540

This product may be distributed AS IS either via BBS or mail,
as long as both the program and documentation are distributed
unchanged. If it is distributed by mail, only a media charge
not to exceed $5 may be charged to defray distribution costs.
Paying such a media charge in no way constitutes payment of the
$25 license fee!

My thanks to Thomas Hanlin III for his ADVBAS v99 assembly-
language library for QuickBASIC 4.0. I recommend his routines,
and suggest purchasing the new PROBAS package that has replaced
the ADVBAS package. The directory and screen-handling routines
made this program possible!

Although this program has been tested extensively, Gavin S.
Patton and RBF Industries shall in no way be responsible for
any special, incidental, consequential or other damages. The
use of this program is at the USERS OWN risk.

QuadPrint Page 2

What is QuadPrint?
People who do a lot of downloading from bulletin boards usually
collect large quantities of documentation they want to print
out. With the growing complexity of shareware and public domain
software these days, the document files are getting larger and
larger -- and they require more and more paper to print out.
QuadPrint is designed to print most common document files,
preserving page-breaks, but to print *** 4 PAGES *** of text on
a SINGLE SHEET of 8 1/2" X 11" paper!

It makes use of the Elite-Compressed-Superscript combination
found in Epson and Epson-Compatible printers, allowing 79
characters in a print line, and up to 58 lines per page. If a
page break (form feed) is found in the file, it will assume the
page ends there, and go on to the next page. This way,
pre-formatted documentation will print the way it was intended
to print.

If I ever get a wide-carriage Epson printer, a version that
supports a longer print line may be possible, but with the
standard, narrow-carriage Epson, only 160 columns are
available, even in compressed Elite (20 cpi) mode. With a
minimum margin between columns, this gives print lines of 79
characters each.

How to use QuadPrint
The calling sequence is simple: QP [d:][path]filename.ext.
That's all there is to it! Set the printer for exact
top-of-form and let 'er rip! The display shows print progress.
If you need to abort the print, CTRL-BREAK will exit.

This program works with all ASCII files. If the lines are
greater than 79 characters, they will automatically be wrapped
around. Lines of 79 characters or less will print as they are
formatted in the file. Do not use on binary files, or, as IBM
says, "unpredictable results may occur". If the file does not
exist, an error message will be displayed. If you omit a
filespec, the calling syntax will be displayed.

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