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Very nice printed labels program. Prints on labels of any type.
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Very nice printed labels program. Prints on labels of any type.
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Contents of the NEWLIFE.TXT file

NEWLIFE Software Programs
written by Bob Nance

The latest versions of all of these programs are available on the NEWLIFE
CHRISTIAN BBS @ 601-627-5582, 300-9600 Baud (Courier HST) Bob Nance, SYSOP.
(24 Hours)

SYSOP Utilities:

BBNEWS - Bulletin Board NEWS file maker - builds NEWS files by reading
configuration files which contain a list of files the NEWS is to be composed
of. Multiple "quotes" type files are supported and can be anywhere in the
resulting NEWS files, along with full text files, such as disclaimers,
notices, download/upload reports, etc.
BBMAST - Bulletin Board MASTER file list maker - simply reads a number of text
files (such as BBS directories) and outputs them to one master list of files
PCBpop - Memory resident Utility program for the PCBoard SYSOP - Users file
maintenance (name, sec code, conferences, address, password, delete,
undelete, user comments, and sysop comments) PLUS reads Callers file
backwards, reads Messages files, and 20 other text files assignable to
function/Alt-function keys.
RBBpop - Memory resident Utility program similar to PCBpop for the RBBS SYSOP
PCB LABELS - Similar to above program with direct import into the Labels
database from the PCBoard Users file - also has program and version fields
for software authors

User comments about PCBpop:

"Thanks for writing PCBpop... use it all the time!"
"Man, you have outdone yourself with the new version!"

Memory Resident Printer Utilities:

PMENU3 - Memory resident printer control menu for the EPSON - nice design,
has nice BabyFace mode, lots of other codes, and built-in intelligence
Was probably the first program of this type... released in August of 85.
PROMENU - Memory resident printer control menu for the IBM Proprinter -
similar to PMENU3

User comments about PMENU3:

"I do not know how to thank you enough for creating PMENU3."
"Thanks to shareware and people like you putting programs into the concept,
people like us who do not want to be programmers reap the benefits and make
computing more livable."
"Just thought you would like to know that I think the program is just GREAT!
"I'm impressed with your program. I started writing one myself but didn't
know how to make it memory resident. Now I've found yours."
"I really like your PMENU3. I use it a lot."
"Great, Great, GREAT idea and program!!!"


MAILME - Fast Mailing Labels Database Application - has mailmerge and export-
ability to save settings in a "setup" file for rerunning later. (e.g.
Labels for Filecode AA, Mailmerge File for Filecode ZZ, etc.) - for handling
mailing lists
STIKME - Custom Labels - allows you to print 6-line labels and control
whether each line is Normal, Wide, Condensed, or Babyface. Automatically
centers each line as printed if desired. Great for Return address labels,
or any special purpose, such as diskette labeling, "DO NOT XRAY" labels,
etc., etc.


MRHELP - Memory resident help file reader for use with any program that
doesn't have help files... 20 different text files can be assigned to F1-F10
and Alt F1 - Alt F10.
VERSE - Displays a different verse of scripture each day from a text file of
scripture verses (included)


CTA-1 - Christian Text Adventure #1 - This is a text adventure written to run
under the Generic Adventure Game System (GAGS). The adventurer, in this case,
finds himself in a Biblical allegory, as a Crusader doing battle against the
forces of evil (such as the Wolf of Unbelief), with the weapons of spiritual
warfare (the sword of the spirit, the shield of faith, etc.).

User comments about CTA-1:

"We all love it very much."
"Thank you very much for giving us a pastime that is worthwhile."
"I wish I had a shotgun to blow that computer up."
"I think this game was invented by the Russians to fry our brains."
"I'm running your game on-line, the users are asking me for hints."
"I liked the symbolism in your game."

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