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Prints label w/title line/diskette contents.
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Prints label w/title line/diskette contents.
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Contents of the LABELER.DOC file


Purpose: Prints a label containing a title line,
diskette contents and status on standard
size mailing labels.

Format: [d:][path]LABELER [/D=d] [/L=l] [/S=s] [/O=o]

Type: Internal External

Remarks: Specify the parameters

[d:][path] before LABELER to specify the
drive and path that contain the LABELER
command file.

[/D=d] to specify the drive that contains
the diskette the label is intended for.

[/L=l] to specify the default 'Library' name
to be placed on the label.

[/S=s] to specify the default label size
0 is 2 1/2 X 15/16
1 is 2 3/4 x 1 7/16
2 is 2 3/4 x 1 15/16
3 is 2 3/4 x 2 3/4
4 is 3 1/2 x 15/16
5 is 4 x 1 7/16

[/O=o] to specify the default printer port.

LABELER /L=Ken Buetow /D=b /s=0 /o=2



B - Blank label

Prints a label without looking at the disk
in the default drive. Can be used for disks
that contain no directory (self-booting) or
to print a mask to determine label alignment
in the printer.

C - Continuation Labels

Determines whether or not additional labels
will be printed if all file names will not
fit on one label.

D - Disk drive selected

Determines disk drive that will be read to
get file information for label.

L - Library of

Optional information printed on label.

M - Mask File filespec

Used to print comment lines and optionally
group files together.



N - Name for Disk/Label

Title line to be printed on label.

O - Other Printer Port

Port for printer in use ie 2 = LPT2

P - Print Label

Reads disk information and prints label.

R - Registration

Prints LABELER registration mailing form
on printer.

S - Size of Label

Changes size of label.

W - Write Configuration File

Writes configuration file in directory
where Labeler was started from.

Q - Quit

Exits back to operating system.


Selections that require a string to be input
(L,N,M) can use the following keys during edit

{home} - go to first letter
{end} - go to last letter
{left arrow} - go left one letter
{right arrow} - go right one letter
{delete} - delete letter over cursor
Ctrl Y - delete entire line
{BackSpace} - delete letter before cursor

Mask File structure - Mask file is a simple text file
consisting of a filespec and comment separated by a
colon. If the filespec is ommitted then the comment
will be listed at the top of the label. Wild cards
are permitted in the filespec.

LABELER Version 4.00
labeler.* :All the files required to run labeler


LABELER Version 4.00
:Labeler - 3 and 5 disk labeling program
: uses 5 different sizes of labels
labeler.exe :Executable file
labeler.pas :Source code for Labeler
labeler.doc :Labeler documentation
labeler.hst :History of Revisions
labeler.msk :Sample mask file
:(c) Guardian Software 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989

{be carefull of blank lines in msk files}


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