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Print your VGA (640x480) screen to printer.
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Print your VGA (640×480) screen to printer.
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Contents of the VGAPRTSC.DOC file


VGAPRTSC.ASM ver 1.3 February 1989

Hardcopy Utility for VGA-(and EGA-) Graphics Modes

Robert Kaempf

Institut fuer Kernphysik
Technische Hochschule Darmstadt
6100 Darmstadt, West Germany


VGAPRTSC is similar to the MSDOS program GRAPHICS.COM.
The difference is: GRAPHICS supports low resolution
graphics modes (320x200,640x200), VGAPRTSC supports high
resolution graphics modes (640x480,640x350).
Text or low resolution graphics modes cause a call to the
old hardcopy routine. It is possible to install GRAPHICS
before VGAPRTSC. This will support any graphics modes.

/C= followed by 16 digits
The 16 digits correspond to the 16 screen colors.
An odd digit selects the color to be printed,
colors with even digits are not printed.

VGAPRTSC /C=0111111111111111 ( default )
prints colors 1 to 15.
VGAPRTSC /C=0000222211113333
prints highlighted colors ( 8 to 15 )

You may modify the colortable of an installed VGAPRTSC
version by typing: VGAPRTSC /C=... .
VGAPRTSC will not be installed twice !

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