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Star NX-1000 multi-font printer control program.
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Star NX-1000 multi-font printer control program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BILL.TXT 876 512 deflated
IBM-CS2.PRN 5 5 stored
NX-1000.COM 19378 12091 deflated
NX-1000.DOC 10374 2426 deflated

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Contents of the BILL.TXT file

NX-1000.COM works best with the printer in native STAR mode (all the
swtches in DIP switch 1 on). Unfortunately this does not allow printing
IBM graphics characters without setting up the printer for IBM character
set #2. You can do this easily enough in software, however.

IBM-CS2.PRN is a printer setup file which you can use to get your screen
prints, etc. to look right while the printer hardware is in STAR mode.
Just put it in a convenient directory on your hard disk, and add a line
in your AUTOEXEC.BAT to copy it to the printer. This would look like:
That's all there is to it! This way you have access to all the neat
STAR fonts, and you maintain IBM compatibility - at least until you
reset or turn off the printer. You can use NX-1000.COM to set it back
to IBM mode if this happens. HAVE A BALL!!!

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