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A utility to print text files from a PC onto a Postscript laser printer.
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A utility to print text files from a PC onto a Postscript laser printer.
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pcps.exe Version 5.32 37932 08 November 1991 12:11

A utility to print text files from a PC onto a Postscript(tm) laser printer

I wrote this program as an in house ditty in order that I could take advantage
of a laser printer on the network from my PC. Other people within the company
started using the utility and submitting suggestions for improvement and bug
reports. It soon grew into this product. As such, it is distributed with no
guarantee as to its operation and no responsibility will be taken by me or my
company for any damage or misadventure resulting from its use.

Having said that, let me just add that I have never had any problems running
this utility. The file PCPS.DOC is the documentation file exactly as I
distribute it internally within the company and is included purely to enlighten
you on its useage and, in that context, please ignore comments about contacting
me on X944 etc.

I have decided to release PCPS as "freeware" and as such, there is no charge for
its use for private/non-commercial use. If you have any suggestions or bug
reports or encouragement (nudge, nudge) then forward them to me, but I can give
no guarantees as to my ability to respond or the time-frame of such response.

Happy printing,

Paul Carapetis Internet: [email protected]
Software Advisor
Bull HN Information Systems Australia Ph: 61 3 4200944
677 Victoria Street
Abbotsford 3067

Version 5.32 over 5.31

This version simply corrects a minor bug in the handling of Form Feeds. Thanks
to those people who have made many good suggestions for improvements - I ask
that you remain patient!

Version 5.32 over 5.31

This version corrects a couple of bugs in handling TAB characters. Thanks
to Laurence Nicolson of the University of Liverpool for reporting them.
- TAB characters are now passed through if the -t switch is not specified.
- TAB spacing now aligns with the DOS TYPE command and most editors such that,
for a tab spacing of 8, the tabstops will be in columns 1,9,17 etc.

Version 5.31 over 5.30

This version corrects a bug only apparent in "-i" mode with memory sort mode
active. There is also a small modification to the display output.

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