Dec 232017
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Power Printer 2.0 for the KX-P1124 Panasonic printer. A unique utility designed to access thousands of font possibilities, print address labels, floppy labels envelopes and more. IBM and Epson versions. Supports mouse.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ENVELOPE.TXT 120 57 deflated
LABELS.TXT 49 49 stored
POWPAN20.TXT 12834 4928 deflated
POWRPANE.EXE 91472 45512 deflated
POWRPANI.EXE 91313 45812 deflated
PPCONFIG.DAT 32 24 deflated
PPCONFIG.EXE 54393 32181 deflated
PPE.BAT 10 10 stored
PPI.BAT 10 10 stored
PRINTMAN.BAT 25 25 stored
README.1ST 742 367 deflated

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