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Latest Windows 3 driver for the Hewlett Packard Deskjet, +, and 500.
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Latest Windows 3 driver for the Hewlett Packard Deskjet, +, and 500.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DESKJET.DRV 71316 67506 deflated
DESKJET.HLP 7452 7100 deflated
FINSTALL.DLL 59212 57088 deflated
FINSTALL.HLP 9589 9131 deflated
INSTALL.DOC 2117 858 deflated

Download File DJWIN3.ZIP Here

Contents of the INSTALL.DOC file


The HP DeskJet Family printer driver supports the HP DeskJet
500 internal fonts, font cartridges and soft fonts.

Landscape printing is only supported using Windows screen
character fonts or using the HP DeskJet 500 Scalable printer

To install the HP DeskJet Family printer driver:

1. Double click the Control Panel icon from the Main Group

2. Double click the Printers icon from the Control Panel

3. If you have another printer installed, click the Add
Printer button to add you printer.

NOTE: If you have an HP DeskJet Family printer driver
installed, remove it before continuing. Click on HP DeskJet
Family, then select Configure, Remove, OK.

4. Scroll through the printers in the List of Printers box
until HP DeskJet Family appears.

5. Click HP DeskJet Family to select the printer.

6. Click the Install button. If you already have an HP
DeskJet Family printer driver installed, click New to
replace the printer driver.

7. Insert the printer driver disk in your computer's
external disk drive, type A:\WIN and click OK. Windows
copies the file to the Windows directory.

8. Click HP DeskJet Family on LPT1, Active. If you have
another printer selected, click on HP DeskJet Family on
None, Inactive.

9. Click the Configure button.

10. Choose a port. Click the Setup button.

11. Click the down arrow in the Printer drop-down list box
to display the list of HP DeskJet Family printers.

12. Click HP DeskJet 500.

13. Verify that Orientation is set to Portrait.

14. To select font cartridges at this time, click the font
cartridge you want to use from the Font Cartridges drop-
down list box (you can select up to two fonts at one time).

15. Click OK until you return to the Printers dialog box.

16. To make your HP DeskJet 500 printer the active printer,
click the HP DeskJet Family printer, then click Active in
the Status list box.

17. Click OK to return to the Control Panel window.

18. Double click on the Hyphen icon to close the Control
Panel window.

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