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TSR set-ups for C. Itoh (applewriter) printer.
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TSR set-ups for C. Itoh (applewriter) printer.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
6LINES.COM 14 14 stored
8LINES.COM 14 14 stored
BOLD.COM 14 14 stored
CITOH.COM 1280 908 deflated
CITOH.DOC 2688 1256 deflated
COMPRESS.COM 14 14 stored
ELITE.COM 14 14 stored
FORMFEED.COM 8 8 stored
GDUMP.BAS 3718 1509 deflated
GDUMP.EXE 23040 16382 deflated
IBM2PRO.BAS 2304 939 deflated
PICA.COM 14 14 stored
PRINTER.BAS 2176 1003 deflated
PROPORT.COM 14 14 stored
PRSWAP2.COM 512 242 deflated
PRTSCN.COM 6 6 stored
PRTSCRFF.COM 77 70 deflated
PRTSET.BAS 1792 983 deflated
RESET.COM 9 9 stored
RESETPRN.COM 512 135 deflated
SETPROW.COM 3200 974 deflated
SKIPPERF.COM 824 32 deflated

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Contents of the CITOH.DOC file


This file contains numerous utilities for the C Itoh 8510A Prowriter
printer. I have compiled these over the last couple of years. Some of them
came from bulletin boards, and many of them I wrote myself using Debug and
the assemble option. I have worked out most of the bugs in these programs
but am sure that I didn't get them all. If anyone finds any glitches, I'd
appreciate a note.

Hal Van Aller
1440 Foxwood Court
Annapolis, MD 21401
June 16,1986

The following is a list of the programs in the CITOH.ARC file:

(The .COM files work from the system prompt, and can be useful for setting
print modes in batch programs. The SETPROW.COM program is a pop-up
menu with many of the modes accesible from within any program)

6LINES.COM Puts printer in 6 lines per inch
8LINES.COM Puts printer in 8 lines per inch (useful for block graphics)
BOLD.COM Puts printer in boldface mode

CITOH.COM Ram resident-Graphics screen dump (Like IBM
Two sizes available depending on whether Right or Left Shift
is used with PrtSc (don't combine with PRSWAP2.COM)

COMPRESS.COM Puts printer in compressed mode (17 char per inch)
ELITE.COM Puts printer in elite mode (12 char per inch)
FORMFEED.COM Sends a formfeed to printer from DOS prompt.
GDUMP.BAS Graphics dump of BSAVE'd screens
GDUMP.EXE Compiled version of above
IBM2PRO.BAS Converts IBM block chars in file to Prowriter equivalent file
PICA.COM Puts printer in Pica (Default) mode (10 char per inch)
PRINTER.BAS Printer setup program from Leading Edge printer manual
PROPORT.COM Puts printer in proportional mode

PRSWAP2.COM Ram resident-Swaps IBM block graphics encountered during
printing for Prowriter equivalent (Modified from
September 1985 PC-Magazine) Don't combine with CITOH.COM

PRTSCN.COM Prints screen from DOS prompt (Good for Batch programs)
PRTSCRFF.COM Ram resident-feeds paper to top-of form after shift-PrtSc
PRTSET.BAS Printer setup program by Herb Shear- greek, elite, skipperf
RESET.COM Hard reset of LPT1: port using Interupt 17h
RESETPRN.COM Sends printer string of reset codes to turn off modes

SETPROW.COM Ram-resident POP-UP menu to set printer from within any
program. Press Ctrl-right shift simultaneously for menu.
(From PC-Magazine June 24,1986)

SKIPPERF.COM Sets Electronic Vertical Format Unit to print 60 lines per
page and skip perforations. Not reset by RESET.COM or

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