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KWIKLBL V2.4A. A very nice label maker.
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KWIKLBL V2.4A. A very nice label maker.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Thank you for your interest in KWIKLABL, Version 2.4/A

At long last, a version of KWIKLABL for 9-pin printers, too.

Now that you have un-compressed the .LZH file, the next step should
be to make a backup copy of KWIKLABL.

You can BROWSE or LIST the .DOC file. If you do not have either of
these utilities then view the .DOC file by typing at the prompt:


and you can view the file one screen at a time. You can print the
.DOC file by typing at the prompt:


It takes about six pages.

You can start the program by typing at the prompt:


Have fun. I hope you enjoy the program.


Note to the new users with 9-pin printers:

I was unable to test this version of KWIKLABL as thoroughly as I would
have if I owned a 9-pin printer myself. I think that my friends found
most of the problems and there were a few. You should be able to use
any of the functions with the exception of the 24-pin return address
label. But then you have your own 9-pin version which is almost the same.
If you do run into problems please let me know. The only problem I know
of is when it runs on a very old 9-pin printer. There is a problem
where the emphasized printing command would cancel the compressed
printing command. So if you own an old model, you may notice on the
return address labels, the address does not print in compressed style
and is offset from the borders. When this happens, you need to select
cancel bold or emphasized printing on the menu. Then everything should
work properly but the address will not print as dark. A good ribbon
should correct that situation.


Note to new and old users with 24-pin printers:

You have the added bonus of not only being able to use the 24-pin
graphics but the 9-pin ones as well. Enjoy!

Brief History of 9-pin versions:

August 10, 1992 -- Version 2.4 includes all fixes to date, including an
option in the 9-pin return address menu to cancel the
emphasized or bold print command if it interferes with
compressed printing.

August 3, 1992 - Fix for two commands (Select user-defined set and select
character table) that would not work together. One would
cancel the other. Fix was in 24-pin return address labels.

July 24, 1992 - Fix for older model 9-pin printers that would not allow
condensed printing and emphasized printing simultaneously.
There are so few that experience this problem that it is
only available by request. All other versions have both
emphasized and condensed printing.

July 10, 1992 - Original release for 9-pin as well as 24-pin printers.

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