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Formfit! allows you to quickly fill out preprinted forms using your computer's printer.
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Formfit! allows you to quickly fill out preprinted forms using your computer’s printer.
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README.1ST 1367 673 deflated
UPDATE1.DOC 819 368 deflated
UPDATE2.DOC 567 309 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

F O R M F I T ! 3.0

(C) Sidebar Software 1987, 1988

In order to use Formfit! effectively, please print and read the manual
first. While Formfit! is generally quite easy to use, to fully use
and understand its functions, you should read the entire manual. Many
tips and tidbits which can be helpful, and perhaps even avoid the
unnecessary loss of data, can be found in the documentation.

Also, make a backup copy of all the files in the Formfit! package.
Please feel free to pass Formfit! along to other users, and read the
registeration information in the manual if you intend to continue to
use Formfit! on a regular basis.

The manual, as well as any updated info files (i.e. UPDATE1.DOC) can
be printed using the DOS COPY command, sending the file to the printer
instead of another disk file. This is done by typing:


at the DOS prompt. Alternately, you can TYPE the file to the printer

using DOS redirection:


Also, you can just use the PRINT command directly. Any way you go,
please take the time to read the entire manual. It should take less
than an hour, and the time will be well spent later on. Thanks for
you consideration, from the folks at Sidebar Software.

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