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Public domain Sideways with Assembly source.
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Public domain Sideways with Assembly source.
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Contents of the PDSW.DOC file

PDSW - Public Domain SideWays (pd)1985 by Donavon Kuhn

Usage: PDSW filename

Where: filename is the name of a file to print
sideways on an Epson printer on LPT1:

Note: The maximum lines per page is 48. The maximum columns per
line is 1024. An error message is printed and the program
is terminated if the 1024 limit is exceded.

This program is ment for the public domain and may not be
sold in any form. The source code is provided for those who
would like to learn and possibly modify the code for use on
other printers. This program isn't as flashy as the Funk
Software version, but then again, it's free.

I may be reached on the USRobotics Fido #500 Bullitain board
at (312) 960-5928 or on Gene Plantz's BBS (312) 885-9552.

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