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Universal COM port/printer control utility.
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Universal COM port/printer control utility.
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Contents of the CM.DOC file

CONTACT: Keith P. Graham at PC Rockland BBS (914) 353-2157
DESCRIP: I use these three programs for my CMOS clock.

CM.COM displays current CMOS information.

CMSET.COM resets the CMOS time and date from the
current DOS time and date. This is so you don't have
to run AT diagnostics to set the time and date, just set
DOS time and date and run CMSET.

CMTIME.COM I have a problem with the AT bios conflicting
with the Hard Card BIOS so I use this utility to set the
DOS time from CMOS time. CMOS time can be more accurate
than the DOS time so you might consider using this
to reset DOS if you machine is never rebooted.

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