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Very nice printer setup utility for a Panasonic KX-P1124. Full Turbo Pascal 5.0+ source code is included.
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Very nice printer setup utility for a Panasonic KX-P1124. Full Turbo Pascal 5.0+ source code is included.
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Contents of the PANSET.DOC file

This program is provided "AS IS" and no guarantees, warrantees,
or assurances are made or implied that this program will work correctly
and safely on your system. Use of this program constitutes your acceptance
of full responsibility for anything that might happen.
The names Borland, Panasonic, and Epson are copyrighted. I have no
affiliation with any of the above listed companies.

This program which I have named SETPRN.EXE is declared to be in the
Public Domain. It is free for anyone who wishes to use it, but it may not
be sold for profit. It is a FREE program!
The Pascal source code is NOT Public Domain, I wrote it and it belongs
solely and exclusively to me. It is provided as a courtesy to potential
users. You may use and/or modify the Pascal source code, but you MUST
include a statement in the new code to the effect of:
{Original Code Written By Michael Sullivan}

This is an original program that I wrote myself. I have a Panasonic
KX-P1124 that emulates the Epson LQ2500. This program will send
all escape codes to the printer to control the various pitches,
fonts, characteristics etc. I don't really know if it will work on
other printers, they would probably need to emulate the Epson LQ2500.
All that is required is that ANSI.SYS be installed in your config.sys
file, and a color monitor is reccommended.
The Turbo Pascal 5.0 source code is included so that you can modify
the program to suit your own printer codes.
If you do use this program, or even try it out, I would greatly
appreciate any feedback (good or bad) that you have. Any and all
questions are welcome and will be responded to. Any suggestions are
welcome as well.

Michael Sullivan
7453 Armstrong Pl. #15
San Diego, Ca. 92111

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