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Utility that will skip the perforation when printing.
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Utility that will skip the perforation when printing.
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PERF-SKIP is printer utility written for the IBMPC or EPSON
MX-80 printers. What it does is skip a designated amount of lines
over the perforation of fanfold paper. To invoke PERF-SKIP, just type
PERFSKIP followed by a space and the number of lines to be skipped.
For example to skip 6 lines: PERFSKIP 6
To reset the printer simply type PERFSKIP 0. This resets the
printer to skip 0 lines. This program uses the ESC 'N' and 'O' as
outlined in the tech ref manual.
PERF-SKIP was written in assembly language, yet loaded up to
this bulletin board in a basic program. To make an COM runnable file,
simply load the basic file with basic and run it.
Written and uploaded by David Ray
P.O. BOX 9697
College Station TX 77840

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