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Formats data records into columns for printing.
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Formats data records into columns for printing.
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Copyright(c) 1988 Asysta Consultants
All rights Reserved

The Columnist is a simple utility which affords quick and easy
presentation of information in columnar format. Most databases will
dump records to a file very quickly and neatly but quite often the used
field widths are such that one would like to list three columns of
records across the page instead of the raw one-up format. With a wide
carriage printer one might even want 6 or 8 columns for fast visual
scanning of information.

The Columnist places no limitations on number of columns per page. It
is the user who must decide the number based on page width and font
size selected at the time of printing the file. For example, up to six
columns of forty characters each may be accommodated on a wide carriage
printer in Condensed-Elite or 20 CPI mode, while only three columns of
forty characters each will print on an 8 inch bed at Condensed or 17CPI

The columnist places no limitation on the number of fields in a record
contained in the database dump. The user specifies the correct number
of fields. One exaggerated case would be for a linear text file to be
printed in multiple columns by entering the number of fields as 60 and
selecting a vertical tab of 6 thus formatting at 60 lines per page with
an half inch top and bottom margin. The vertical tab in lines is the
offset desired between records vertically. The horizontal tab is the
offset desired between columns. That is the distance between the
maximum field length and the beginning of the next column.

The author feels the greatest utility of The Columnist will be in
preparing three across mailing label files from DB dumps, for two
column or three column newsletters as with the more highly refined
CITYDESK and for more efficient use of wide bed printers in
presentation of data for fast visual scanning. No sorting or subset
capabilities were included here. The author feels these would be better
handled by your database.

When asking for an output file The Columnist will offer to dump to the
printer (PRN), a simple press of the Return key will oblige. To
transfer the information to a disk file for further processing simply
enter any legal DOS file name.

If you find this utility useful in your applications please register
for $15.00. Thank you for your support.

Asysta Consultants
3696 Marquis Lane
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

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