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Database and print program for envelopes. Prints Zip+4 code.
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Database and print program for envelopes. Prints Zip+4 code.
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STATESVILLE, NC 28677-7503

PHONE/FAX (704) 871-8367

Welcome to the ADDRESS PLUS demo program. This program can
enable you to save up to 20% on postage rates by putting zip+4
bar coded labels on your mail.
This demo allows you to create 2 files with up to 5 records
each. The unrestricted version of this program, shich allows
unlimited files of up to 999 records each, is debuting at COMDEX
1990 in Las Vegas.

1. General
ADDRESS PLUS is not copy protected. A backup copy should be
made before installing, and the original disk stored in a
safe place. The disk is not altered by the installation
procedure. The program may be run from a single 1.2M floppy
disk, a 2 floppy disk system, or a hard disk. Optimal
performance will be experienced if run from a hard disk,

2. Installation
a. ADDRESS PLUS must be installed from the floppy disk in
order to properly create the system variables, and will not
run if copied directly to a hard disk.

b. The program may be installed from either drive A: or
drive B:.

c. If installing for use with a 2-floppy system, it is
recommended the program be booted from the smaller capacity
drive, in order to allow the maximum disk space for data

d. If installing on a hard disk, a directory should first
be created for the program and data files, and that
directory selected before booting the program from the
floppy disk.

e. Boot the program by typing:

f. When the Main Menu appears, select (S)ystem
Configuration, then option 4, Disk Drive Configuration.

g. Highlight the desired drive, using the cursor keys, and
press [ Return ] to progress to the next step. You may
return to this step by pressing [ Esc ] if a different drive
is desired.

h. Highlight the installation option desired for the
selected drive and press [ Return ] to complete the
installation procedure. If installed for a floppy drive,
you may proceed to the next step. If installed on a hard
disk, the program will be exited and should then be
re-booted from the hard disk.

i. To create a data file, press [ Alt-A ] from the Main
Menu and enter a file name of up to 10 characters in length.
The file created is automatically selected as the file in
use, and records may now be entered.

3. New Program Features
a. A Re-Installation option will allow data files to be
copied to the hard disk directory containing the program.
If program and files were both installed for floppy disks
or for the same hard disk directory, all files may be moved
to a new disk.

b. Records may be selected for edit by entering either
the work phone number or the home phone number. Pressing
[ F7 ] from the data entry screen will toggle the index as

c. In the event a particular batch of continuous form
envelopes does not have a form length of exactly 7 inches,
a slight scrolling of the print lines has been noted. An
option has been added to shift the print lines to correct
this problem. Installatin of the printer control code for
incremental line spacing in increments of 180ths of an
inch is required for this feature.

d. The designations of `Work Phone' and `Home Phone'
remain fixed. The designations of the remaining phones
may be changed for the entire database by pressing [ F3 ]
from the pop-up screen for entering the additional numbers.

e. The currently selected file may be backed up to any
disk as a delimited ASCII file by selecting the `Backup'
option from the `Export File' menu. To restore, an empty
file should be created and `the Restore' option selected
from the `Import File' menu. If the file in use when this
option is selected is not empty, the entire backup file will
be appended to the file in use.

f. If the file requested for importing is not found, a
disk directory may be requested by pressing Return. The
desired file may be selected by highlighting and pressing
Return from the directory screen.

g. The address for updating `ZIP 4' and `Carrier Route'
codes is:
Diskette Processing Services
National Address Info. Center
6060 Primacy Pky. Ste. 101
Memphis, TN 38188-0001

The unrestricted version can be purchased from Computer
Systems Associates for $75 (plus tax/S+H).
Major credit cards are accepted.

Computer Systems Associates
422 Glen Eagles W.
Statesville, NC 28677-7503

Phone/Fax (704) 871-8367

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