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Printer utility - format and print documents, quite nice.
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Printer utility – format and print documents, quite nice.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

First, let me Thank You, for trying Format 'n Print!

Format 'n Print will take a unformatted text file, and paginate it
to the number of lines per page specified, inserting a left and center
header that you supply, in the program. A footer may also be included.
It will print the Page No. in the upper right hand corner, if you want
it. Form feeds will be inserted, based on your lines per page
specification. Thats the basics...

The program is completly Menu driven.

Some Differences between the Evaluation copy and Registered Copy:

Evaluation Copy:

1. The startup screen in this copy has a pause and
requires a keypress to bypass.
2. The closing screen has a small registration reminder.
3. You get additional utilities with the Registered version.

There are several registration plans, see REGISTER.DOC.

When you read the documentation (FNP.DOC) you will see first hand, the
finished product of Format 'n Print. Except for the Cover page, index
and closing pages (reg,comments etc.) all have been formatted with the
current version of FNP.

Try it Out! I think you'll like it....

If you have any comments, good or bad, please use the Comments Form
attached to the Registration.
Rand Nowell

Files Included:

FNP.EXE The Formatting Program
FNP.DOC The User Manual
FNP.HST History Of FNP
REGISTER.DOC Registration Plans and Form
README.1ST This File
WHATSUP.DOC Whats in store for the future ?

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