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TSR Removes text strings from printer output stream.
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TSR Removes text strings from printer output stream.
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The Lake Arbor Software Co.

StripPRT is a simple program that removes unwanted text strings
from the output stream going to any printer port on the PC. The
program was originally designed to remove a nussancsome company
name from a report on a "test drive" piece of software.

As far as the technical part goes:

* StripPRT is a TSR written in Turbo Pascal and using Object Professional

* StripPRT should co-exist with Sidekick, and should be compatible with

* The program uses interrupt 17 function 00h BIOS write character to printer
This function is used for all (BIOS) printer output so the offending text
will be removed from all printer ports.

* StripPRT comes in 4 different varieties (versions):

1.0a - Loads only once
Has fill option
Searches for 'STRIPPRT=' environmental variable
Can be unloaded from memory

1.0b - Load Multiple copies
Has fill option
Searches for 'STRIPPRT=' environmental variable
Not unloadable from memory

1.0c - Loads only once
Has fill Option
Searches for multiple (3) strings
Can be unloaded

1.0d -
Loads only once
Has fill option
Searches for 'PRTSEARCH=' environmental variable
Replaces with 'PRTREPLACE=' environmental variable
Can be unloaded from memory

To use StripPRT set an environmental variable equal to the
test you with to remove.

SET STRIPPRT=your text to remove goes here

StripPRT is fully case sensitive (to your string and its env. var),
you must type the 'STRIPPRT=' part in upper case.

Your string can be upper & lower case and can contain spaces any
valid DOS characters should work, I have not tried ESC chars and the like.

Next load StripPRT in memory, that's all folks.

StripPRT [/F] [/U]

/F = Fill option turned ON This fills the removed text with
space characters to prevent
alignment problems in your report.

/U = Unload from memory

StripPRT uses approx.. 17k of memory and can be loaded into high memory.

I have tested StripPRT with DOS 5.0 thru 6.x loaded high and low with
no problems.

If enough people show interest in this program then the next step would be
to write the whole thing in ASM and do it as a device driver and/or TSR,
but I'm not wasting time on that until...

I really don't know if this type of utility is even of use to anybody else,
but after looking on several BBS' I have yet to find a program that does the
same thing. Lots of stuff to convert Epson to HP etc. etc., but nothing to
remove text from the output.

This program is technically shareware, If you really find this program to be
of some value to yourself send me $10.00 bucks and I'll send you the latest
version if you wish, but if you use it only occasionally, if at all, then
keep your money and just send me some (any) feedback as to whether this
program is of any use to anybody.

Hope to hear from alot of you,

Dennis Fletcher
CIS: 73774,3607
Lake Arbor Software Co.
8422 Jay Court
Arvada, CO 80003

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