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HP Inkjet tools. Collection of useful programs.
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HP Inkjet tools. Collection of useful programs.
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INKJET.LO 6799 2856 deflated
INKJET.MY 30 27 deflated
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INKJET.SC1 16199 4278 deflated
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Contents of the DJ_ESC.DOC file


Upon receipt of your registration you will be sent the latest
version of this program. All blinking registration reminders
will be absent from the registered version that you will be

Indicate disk format desired:

5.25" 360K _____ = $ 8.00

3.5" 720K _____ = $ 9.00

5.25" 1.2M _____ = $ 9.00

Name _____________________________________________________________________

Mailing address __________________________________________________________

City ____________________________ State __________ Zip Code ____________

Make U.S. funds payable to:

P. P. Kapusta
P.O. Box 5423 Falmouth, Va. 22403 U.S.A.

Suggestions: ______________________________________________________________




Notes: Canada and foreign orders add $5.00 for postage and handling. Please
allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Virginia residents must add Va. sales tax
to their remittance. A negotiated site license is required for use in
businesses, schools, or other institutions.

Please let us know from what source you obtained this program:



Thank you!

Version: 2.00


DeskJet Survival Kit ESC code control panel utility


A memory resident (TSR) pop-up ESCape code control
panel for use with Hewlett-Packard DeskJet series printers.
Can be "popped-up" over any DOS text based program and enables
the user to change many of the printer settings without
touching the printer.


Hard disk, and HP DeskJet series inkjet printer.


From the DOS prompt, enter DJ_ESC to initiate the
program and load a 5K kernel into memory. Once loaded into
memory, ALT+I will "pop" the control panel over your current
DOS text based screen. Use the cursor control keys to position
the highlighted bar over your selection, then press [ENTER].

Unloading TSR:

There is an option within the control panel to unload
the DJSK ESC code control panel from memory. However...
WARNING! WARNING! You must be at a DOS prompt and you must
not have loaded any other TSRs into memory to use this option!
You MUST NOT unload the program if you are still within another
program, else unpredicable results may occur.

EMS, disk swapping:

This TSR uses only 5K of RAM when loaded, and when
"popped-up" swaps your current program out to EMS (if
available). If your system does not have EMS, then a swap file
will be created in the root directory of the current active
drive. This swap file is named "$INKJET$.SWP" and will be set
with hidden file attributes. It can be deleted by using DOS
ATTRIB -H $INKJET$.SWP and then DEL $INKJET$.SWP, if you wish.
There is no harm in leaving the disk swap file on your hard
drive, except that it takes up free disk space.

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