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Power Printer Epson LQ version with disk labels and other features.
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Power Printer Epson LQ version with disk labels and other features.
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Contents of the POWRPRNT.TXT file

Power Printer 1.5

Power Printer 1.5 Epson LQ850 is a program designed to take advantage of
your printer's many features and font possibilities. Many text editors have
no features to change fonts or sizes, necessitating setting up fonts on an
awkward control panel. Power Printer is software driven and will not leave
your printer "stuck" in a mode. If you turn off your printer it will come on
again in your default mode. There is also a feature in the menu "Special"
that will allow you to reset your printer to default mode at any time.

Power Printer is

User supported software. I ask that if you enjoy using the program and it
benefits you that you would send a registration fee of $5.00. If you want to
send less feel free to do so (Programming books are expensive!). Even if you
just want to drop a note saying ANYTHING about PP my mailbox is waiting. All
comments are definitely welcome. If there are any bugs please tell me! For
$10.00, I will send you the latest version with a personalized opening
screen. Just jot down what you would like it to say. Any other ideas from
users are welcome even if you have not registered your program. It is also
possible to print out the registration form automatically from the
"Special" menu.

Please send mail and registration forms to: Herb Fogler
20113 York Rd.
Parkton Md. 21120

Make checks payable to Herb Fogler. All support greatly appreciated!

Power Printer 1.5
Epson LQ850
Registration Form



Telephone:_________________ Computer & Printer Type:_____________________
(not required)

Fee included:$___________

Opening Screen ($10.00):_________________________________________________




3.5"_______ 5.25"______

Overcoming Other Software

Many word processors and programs such as Windows 3.0 allow you to setup a
printer driver. That driver usually will send a command to your printer reset-
ting your printer to it's default mode (even if you just used PP to set up to
a font with certain attributes it will all be canceled). If that driver is to
your liking don't change a thing, and don't use PP with that program. However,
if you don't like that driver or you occasionally want to use PP to get a
feature your program doesn't have there is usually a way to override the sug-
gested printer driver from your program. Some programs allow you to setup new
printers from within the program, others like Windows 3.0 will allow you to
change your printer but will ask you to insert a program disk to get a driver.
In any case change to a driver that says either TTY, text only printer or
daisy wheel printer. Any of those choices should allow you to use Power Printer
without clearing out all the commands you just put in.


Menus are accessed with arrow keys or by a Microsoft compatible mouse.
Pressing right or left arrow keys or moving the mouse right or left moves the
hilight bar right and left. Pressing the down arrow key, moving the mouse down,
left mouse button, or pressing the Enter key opens the pull down menu. The Esc
key or right mouse button exits the pull down menu without selecting. Up and
down (arrow keys or mouse) or pressing the hilighted letter moves the hilight
bar up and down. The Enter key or the left mouse button selects the feature. A
bell will sound if you made a selection. The selections are pretty self explan-
atory, however if there is one or two you do not understand either look it up
in your manual, message me on Prodigy or drop me a line. There is one feature
that you may not understand. The Send a command feature is designed to be used
with your manual. You can send up to nine commands to your printer in decimal
format(entering more than nine resets to a default of 3 commands).If you find
a need for more than nine please write me. Say, for example you wanted to set
your page length in lines instead of inches (which Power Printer provides for).
When prompted for number of codes to send you would type 3 and press Enter.
Next you would enter the codes listed in your manual under Decimal:. You would
press the numbers 27, the Enter key, 67, the Enter key, then the number of
lines from 1-127 and the Enter key. This feature facilitates you sending most
other commands not specifically listed in the Power Printer menus.


New for version 1.5 are labels for floppy disks. Power printer will now read
your floppy (or hard drive) and print a regular mailing label for a 5.25 floppy
or a regular 3.5 floppy label. Please be sure to choose the correct drive
and make sure there is a floppy in the drive. There are also print tests
to help you get position for those labels. If there are subdirectories on
the disk only the directory names will show up. The files and their byte
counts won't show up from those subdirectories. Also new; Power Printer will
allow you to go to your favorite text editor or word processor. To use this
feature you must edit the file WORDPROC.BAT and replace the program and
directory named with yours. Make sure you save this file as text only.


Power Printer 1.5 is offered as is. I am not responsible for any damages to
systems or hardware. You may distribute Power Printer freely as long as no fee

is accepted outside of a small fee for materials and handling not to exceed
$5.00. Power Printer 1.5 Copyright 1991 Herb Fogler. All rights reserved.

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