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IMAGEPRINT allows you to produce high quality printing on your standard IBM or Epson or compatible dot matrix printer. Part 1 of 2.
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IMAGEPRINT allows you to produce high quality printing on your standard IBM or Epson or compatible dot matrix printer. Part 1 of 2.
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Contents of the README file

Notes & Updates

Note: If your screen is blank when running IMAGEPRINT or IE
then use the DOS MODE command to put your screen into the
proper text mode. For example:



To print the documentation, copy IPV4.DOC to your printer
with the DOS COPY command:


The documentation is formatted for 8 x 11 inch fan-fold paper.
Make sure your printer starts at the top of a page.

Do NOT print IPV4.DOC with IMAGEPRINT. There are many examples
of IMAGEPRINT backslash commands contained in it, which would be
interpreted as commands, rather than examples, causing the
documentation to print incorrectly.


The IMAGEPRINT files are:

README Introduction, directions
FONT0...FONT24 25 font files
TUTOR_1.TXT Simple IMAGEPRINT demonstration
TUTOR_2.TXT Detailed IMAGEPRINT demonstration
FONT13.SHP Text file that displays FONT13's characters
ALLFONTS.TXT Text file that demonstrates all 25 fonts
IE.EXE Simple IMAGEPRINT text editor
IE.DOC Text editor documentation
CONTROL.DOC CONTROL program documentation
CONTROL.EXE Utility to control printer, boiler-plate text
REM-CTRL.EXE Program to remove CONTROL from memory
CONTROL.DAT Epson control code data file - use with CONTROL
SAMPLE.DAT Text string data file - use with CONTROL



Version Comments
------- --------

1.00 Original version of IMAGEPRINT.
1.01 Added CTRL-C abort.
1.20 Added micro-justification if formatting.
Added Roman font.
Cut sheet feeder support.
Added "/O" print head movement optimization.
Soft "\-" and hard hyphen line break if formatting.
1.22 Underlined proportional bug fixed.
Recognize form feeds if not formatting.
Bug with ".SW" fixed - correct header column count
1.30 Upgraded documentation, general cleaning up.
Support for PC-Write 2.6.
".NW" outputs literal line, no space removal.
1.32 Added ".RR" ragged right margin if formatting.
1.33 Fixed bug - blank lines following 80 column line
or justified header/footer not discarded.
No longer output ESC "4" if draft italic - conflict
with Proprinter escape sequences.
added page pause for cut sheet feeders.
1.40 DOS 2.0 and up compatibility - input text file can
be on another directory.
Faster screen writing.
1.50 Explicit printer port selection no longer necessary
on command line for DOS 3.2.
Fixed bug with justified headers and footers - some
backslash commands were being lost.
When justifying lines, add a space following "?.:;!",
not ",".
Fixed bug with page length when using a very large
number of headers or footers.
Compatibility with many Epson MX series printers.

Revised manual.
Use dash (-) switches instead of slash (/) switches
on command line for less confusion.
1.6 ... 2.9 Interim versions
3.0 ... 3.1 Commercial versions of ImagePrint
3.2 Released as User-Supported Software. Enhancements
- Printed manual now included with registered version.
- 10 fonts now included with registered version.
- Support for wide-carriage printers built into program.
- ImagePrint can be run from any directory.
- Switch to Microsoft C for faster code.
- A new front-end menu.
- Ability to choose font from command line.
- Ability to output to file for later printing.
- Much faster loading of fonts. New font file
format. Several fonts have improved shapes.
Older fonts still work.
- Single and double line graphics characters
now print in high quality.
- Ability to print selected pages when using
dot formatting commands.
- New utility: CONTROL. CONTROL gives printer
control and boiler-plating of text.
Misc. bug fixes:
Occasional left margin shift on line preceded
by line with only backslash command(s) on it.
Irregular soft-hyphen (\-) action.
3.3 ImagePrint now includes:
- 25 fonts (FONT0 ... FONT24)
- Support for characters up to 34 points in size.
- Support for Epson or compatible 24 pin printers.
4.0 ImagePrint enhancements:
- A new screen preview mode for Hercules, CGA, EGA,
and VGA screens.
- All fonts, including the large headline fonts,
can be centered with the ".CE" command.
- A new command line option "-G" causes IMAGEPRINT
to group all three print passes into one for
faster proofing.
- IE, the (I)MAGEPRINT (E)DITOR is now included.
It is a simple "ASCII" editor that can be used
to clean up non-ASCII files. IMAGEPRINT can be
run directly from within it.

***** END OF README FILE *****

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