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Print 150 lines per page.
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Print 150 lines per page.
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Contents of the TL.DOC file

TinyList Version 2.0 Copyright 1987 by Peninsula Software

TinyList is a utility for IBM PC and compatible computers. It allows
printing of text files on a minimum of paper. A standard 8.5 by 11 inch
piece of paper can hold almost 20K of text. TinyList uses the paper to
its utmost capacity.

By using superscripted and condensed print, TinyList uses the printer's
smallest characters. The line spacing is then reduced to the legible
minimum, 15/216 inch. This allows 150 lines per page, plus top and bottom
margins. TinyList also uses a two column format. Each column is 66
characters wide. Lines that are longer than one column are wrapped around
inside that column. Text reads down the left column of a page, then the
right column of the page, then the left column of the next page...

TinyList was originally developed as a space-saving way to print program
source code. Because it was code, and not text, that was being printed, no
formatting was done. However, many people have attempted to use TinyList to
print long documentation files, and other text. The original TinyList was
not well suited for this application.

Version 2.0 should help fix this problem. Logic has been added to reform
paragraphs, within the 66 column margins. This makes printed text look much
better. It also increases the efficiency of the program because there is
less blank space left on the page. The reformatting logic correctly handles
left margins. Use TinyList to print this file and you will see how it works.

To use TinyList, simply run TL.COM from DOS. When asked for the input file
name, enter the name of the file (including extension) that you want to print.
TinyList will print the file on the printer.

Next you will be asked if you wish to reform paragraphs. Answer Y or N for
yes or no. If you do not ask for paragraphs to be reformed, TinyList will
work in much the same way the original version did. However, words will not
be broken in half; there is word wrap. If you answer yes, TinyList will do
its best to reform paragraphs to fill in the margins.

There is one more feature. The paragraph reforming can cause problems with
some text, such as program source code. This makes it desirable to be able
to turn reform off for some parts of a document, and leave it on for
others. This feature is also available in TinyList. A CTRL-Q (CHR$(17))
placed at the beginning of a line will toggle the reformatting of paragraphs.

To see how TinyList works, print this file, and answer Yes to the reforming
question. The second paragraph is indented, so you can see how TinyList
handles left margins. The paragraph following this one uses the CTRL-Q
toggle to turn reformatting off. There is another CTRL-Q after that to
turn reformatting back on. Printing this should give you a better idea of
how it works.

Turbo Pascal source code is provided to allow customization and modification.
The constants at the beginning of the code allow you to change the number of
lines per page, to accomodate different paper lengths. There is also
a constant that contains the printer initialization string. This can be
changed to allow TinyList to work with non Epson compatible printers, such as
an Okidata. The initialization string must set the printer to superscript,
condensed print, and a smaller line spacing. Experiment with your printer to
find best results.

If you printer does not support superscripted characters, you can use normal
compressed characters and set the line spacing to 1/8 inch. This will
provide two column listings with normal height characters.

If you find this program of value, your contribution ($10 suggested) would
be appreciated. By sending us a contribution, you will become a registered
user, and will be able to purchase other products from Peninsula Software for
a reduced price. You are encouraged to copy and share this program with

Mike Binnard,

Peninsula Software
28510 Blythewood
Palos Verdes, CA 90274

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