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IBM4201 is a program for the IBM 4201 Proprinter that demonstrates the capability to change the print mode, the page size, the character set, the typefont, and other items.
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IBM4201 is a program for the IBM 4201 Proprinter that demonstrates the capability to change the print mode, the page size, the character set, the typefont, and other items.
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Contents of the IBM4201.DOC file

for the IBM Proprinter
copr.(c) IBM Corp. 1985.


IBM4201 is a program for the IBM 4201 Proprinter that demonstrates
the capability to change the print mode, the page size, the character
set, the typefont, and other items. You can use IBM4201 by itself to
explore the wide range of print functions available with the IBM
Proprinter, or you can invoke its functions while active in another

IBM4201 assumes your IBM Proprinter has paper in it and
has the Ready light on.

For monochrome monitor users: you may have to adjust the top control
to see the highlighted areas that IBM4201 uses on the display.

IBM4201 operates only on 80-column text mode (not graphics) screens.


1.Look for the DOS prompt (A>) on your PC display.

2.Insert the IBM4201 diskette in your default drive and type:

3.Press the Enter key. This puts the program into the PC's memory.
(The program stays there until you turn off your PC or press
Ctrl-Alt-Del.) Look for the message on your PC display.

4.Start the program you normally use. Before you begin
printing, hold down the SHIFT and CTRL keys and press ESC
Look for the MAIN MENU to appear on your PC display.
NOTE: You can press SHIFT-CTRL-ESC when you see the
DOS prompt if you want to use IBM4201 by itself,
without another application program.

5.Move the cursor on the menu with the arrow keys.
If the arrow keys do not do anything, BE SURE your Proprinter
is connected and has the Ready light on.

6.For example, to be able to select near letter quality (NLQ),
use the first option on the MAIN MENU (SET PRINT MODE).

7.Press the Enter key.

8.To select near letter quality, use the arrow key to move the
highlighted area down to the second line; use an arrow key to
move the block to ON.

9.The setting takes effect when you press the ESC key (you may)
want to change other settings before pressing ESC).
You do not have to press the ENTER key before pressing ESC.

10.Press the ESC key once more (from the MAIN MENU) to return
to your application.

11.Start your printing as usual from your application.

12.To change settings again, simply press SHIFT-CTRL-ESC AND
continue with step 5 above.

Helpful Hints

On the PRINT MODES menu, use any print mode combination that is shown
on the back of the reference card contained in the Proprinter
Guide to Operations.

Typically, (for word processing programs), you may want
to alter the PAGE FORMAT menu.

On the Character Set menu, DOWNLOAD SERIF means a different
typestyle, similar to what you see on the monochrome monitor.
This character set is only 94 characters; there are no block
character graphics in it. The ITALICS set has a similar restriction.
Character Set 2 is primarily for international users.

The PRINT A MESSAGE menu is useful for testing what you have set
up on previous menus.

The RESTORE DEFAULT SETTINGS menu saves you from having to flip
the printer power switch to reset the printer.You may wish to
reset the printer if your application does not require any
special print modes. Ensure the paper is at top-of-form when using
resets all the other menus.

The PRINT MODE SAMPLER prints out a one-page example of several of
the Proprinter's print modes. The printer settings you have previously
selected will be restored once the printout is completed.

Pressing the Esc key sets a mode, etc. ON or OFF. You do not need
to press the ENTER key except on the Main Menu.

You may wish to add "IBM4201" to your autoexec.bat file, so that
each time you power on your PC...... IBM4201 is ready to use! See
your DOS manual for more information on using autoexec files.

You cannot alter the print quality of bit-mapped graphics with
IBM4201. Bit mapped graphics is also known as all-points
addressable mode (APA). Examples of APA programs are PCPG, PC
Storyboard, and all of the font programs that the discontinued
IBM Personal Computer Graphics printer uses.

Print spooling programs or software buffers may give different results.

If after initializing the printer you wish to remove the IBM4201
program from memory you type IBM4201 R and press the ENTER key.
A message will appear on your screen stating the program has been

For further information regarding the terms you see on various menus,
read the Proprinter Guide to Operations.


The IBM Proprinter must have the READY light on when you
are using IBM4201. Otherwise, no settings will take effect.

Any power-off of the IBM Proprinter requires a subsequent
resetting of the printer as previous settings are lost

There are certain software packages that when loaded perform
an initial reset of the printer. In such cases, IBM4201 can
be used to alter the printer settings after the application
program is loaded. In addition, some software packages or
screen copy functions may reset the printer at print time.
In these cases, settings you have chosen via IBM4201 will be

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