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Simple program that will configure printer from DOS. Includes C source code, and sample configuration file.
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Simple program that will configure printer from DOS. Includes C source code, and sample configuration file.
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Contents of the PCP.DOC file

This is the documentation file for the Printer Control Program.


This program is guaranteed to crash your system and destroy
your hard disk at the most inconvenient time possible, on other
occasions, this program can be used to interactively send
printer codes to lpt1.


to set the program up correctly,

at this point reboot your machine.

PCP is ready to use.


The program must reside on drive c.
The .pcp files must reside in the pcp subdirectory.
The PCP.COM may reside anywhere as long as it is the path.
This version only sends codes to lpt1.

To send a sequence of codes to the printer


This searches for the file C:\PCP\DEFAULT.PCP

The information from that file is loaded, and a menu is

Pick a single letter from the menu to send the corresponding
code to the printer.

Continue to do this until the printer is configured the way
you want it.

At this point press (ESC) to stop the pcp program.

If you have a file defined for your printer, called PRO.PCP,
you can activate it with the following command


The program will read the file C:\PCP\PRO.PCP and display the
pick menu options by typing the letter, use (ESC) to return
to dos.

---- -----

You may create as many alternate code files as you want.

Use a text editor such as edlin to create the file.

Make sure the file extension is .PCP.

Make sure it is in the C:\PCP directory.

The file format looks like this

; this is a comment
menu item A
codes for option A
menu item B
codes for option B
;comments may go anywhere
menu item C
codes for option C


You can have up to 24 codes. I suggest you use up to 20.

Codes are a string of up to 80 characters. Extra characters are
ignored. An example is


the above translates as the hex character for 12
the decimal character 65
the octal character 377
and the letter R

%x must be followed by 2 hex digits
%d must be followed by 3 decimal digits
%o must be followed by 1 character

I hope this program makes you life easier.

I am interested in any comments that you have, and would
appreciate copies of any code file you set up.

I can read 5 1/2 360K floppies.

I can be reached at



jan slater
3412 carriage hill circle
randallstown, md 21133


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