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NEW Pop-Up FX printer controller..
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NEW Pop-Up FX printer controller..
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Version 1.0 8/29/87

Documentation for the ROD-PR and ROD-FX pop-up printer controllers.

ROD-PR is for the IBM ProPrinter and ROD-FX should work with all
of the EPSON FX series of printers and compatibles.

When ROD-PR or ROD-FX is loaded (usually from AUTOEXEC) it will
display a message identifying the Hot Key (ALT - F8 in this version).

When ROD-PR or ROD-FX is popped up a menu of printer operations
will be displayed. The codes with * in front of them are
activated by typing the lowercase character and de-activated by
tying the uppercase character. All the other codes will work in
either upper or lowercase. 'P' is used to print a test line to
show how the operation selected will look. You can use a
combination of codes if you like. 'm' and 'x', for instance, makes a
long thin line. 'r' or 'R' restores the printer to power-up values.
't' or 'T' prints a date-time line useful for identifying the time a
certain listing, etc. was printed. 'a' moves the left margin 7
spaces to the right and 'A' restores it to its original value.
'4','6' or '8' selects 4, 6 or 8 lines per inch.

You exit from Rod-PR or ROD-FX with the ESC key. You can remove
this program completely from memory while it is on the screen with
an uppercase 'Z' but the results can be unpredictable if it was
not the last program loaded..... Also the pop-up won't work with
certain graphics which take over control of the screen directly.
MicroSoft Word in the graphics mode and Windows are two examples.

The whole thing is really very simple. The Hot Key and printer codes
can easily be changed if you have the Turbo Pascal source code.
Which brings up a point: a lot of time and effort when into this
program. If you'd like to help support this effort a contribution of
$7.00 will bring you my thanks and a disk copy of the Turbo Pascal
source for ROD-FX and ROD-PR.

Rod Hallen
P.O. Box 22371
Alexandria, VA 22304

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