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Small TSR pop-up control menu for sending printer control codes.
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Small TSR pop-up control menu for sending printer control codes.
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Contents of the PRMASTER.DOC file

PRMASTER.COM Version 2.0 April 19, 1989

Written by:

Denis J. Lelivre / Ottawa, Ontario / Canada / (819)-997-6654

The program is based on the PC Magazine SETUP.COM program (Vol.5 #2).
That program was modified to permit user input of menu text and
printer codes, to allow up to 31 printer codes per function key, and
to prevent multiple installations in memory. I suspect it will not work
properly on a PC Jr ( should work on any other DOS PC ).

What it does:

Provides a pop-up printer control menu for sending printer control codes
to the printer from within any application (for example, change print quality,
size, line spacing, skip to a new page, etc. ).

When it is called up ( at the DOS prompt, it is a 3K bytes TSR )

- with i parameter, installs a pop-up printer control menu
- with c parameter, allows menu text & printer codes to be changed
and saved to disk, update existing program in memory and/or install itself

CALL format:


For instructions on how to call it up, just type in PRMASTER

Further Customization Using DEBUG:

0AF7 and 0AF9 05 Hot Keys are CTRL+Right SHIFT
06 Left and Right SHIFT
07 CTRL+Left and Right SHIFT

0141 4F Attribute byte for top/bottom of menu

0142 70 Attribute byte for middle 11 lines

0FD2 11FE 12A1 Hot key text references (you should change the
text if you change the hot keys)

Initial Form of Pop-up Menu:

Printer MENU d'imprimante

F1 Compressed Mode
F2 Expanded Mode
F3 Emphasized Mode
F4 Double-Strike Mode
F5 Elite Mode
F6 Miniature Mode
F7 Skip Perforation
F8 Indent Left Margin
F9 Reset Top-of-Form
F10 Reset Print Modes
ESC Exit / Fini

Based on PCMag V5#12 SETUP
Type: PRMASTER C to change
D.Lelivre 05/88

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