Unprotects for Games and Such

UNP Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
123.ZIP779Jul 11 1983Unprotect 123.exe.
123A.ZIP680Jul 12 1983For 123A.
123STAR.ZIP3305Dec 30 1985Unprotect 123.
123V201.ZIP5460Oct 17 1986Unprotect for Lotus 123 ver 2.01.
18.ZIP456Apr 16 1990Unprotect file for Apollo 18.
1ON1-UNP.ZIP889Apr 17 1989Unprotect for One on One Basketball.
2100.ZIP1202Jul 24 1989Unprotect for Chessmaster 2100.
4D-UNP20.ZIP1231Sep 29 1991Unprotect for 4D Boxing.
688UNP.ZIP2664Apr 6 1989Unprotect 688 Sub game.
90UNPRO.ZIP92854Dec 18 1989The D-Protector Menu Driven Copy Protection Removal Program.
ABC.ZIP1765Jun 14 1986Unprotect My ABC's games.
ABRAMS.ZIP630Jan 17 1990Unprotect patch for Abrams by Dynamix.
AFOXUNP.ZIP1805Jan 1 1980Unprotect for Artic Fox.
AFS.ZIP2395Jun 23 1987Unprotect EOA's Advanced Flight Simulator.
AFSFIXER.ZIP2000Jul 21 1987Run Advanced Flight Simulator from HD without key disk.
AFT-FIX.ZIP931Jun 11 1988Unprotect for AFT II, no need for manual anymore.
AFT2UNP.ZIP2875Apr 11 1989Unprotects AFT 2.0 and 688 Sub. There is no need for manual anymore.
ALLECAT.ZIP1138Feb 28 1987Unprotect for the IBM game Alleycat.
ALTBEAST.ZIP5592Jan 11 1991Unprotect for Altered Beast.
ARENA.ZIP936Oct 18 1994Unprotect for The Elder Scrolls - Arena.
ARK2-CHT.ZIP1150Jul 25 1989Cheat- infinite lives on Arkanoid 2 -The Revenge of Doh.
ARTIC.ZIP933Sep 9 1990Unprotect for Artic Antics.
BANE.ZIP1591Sep 11 1991Unprotect for Bane of the Cosmic Forge - this one works.
BANEHELP.ZIP57134Jan 14 1992Bane of Cosmic Forge: Unprotect & docs.
BANESTUF.ZIP118741Jul 23 1991Walkthru and maps plus various other files for Bane of the Cosmic Forge.
BASIC.ZIP823Jan 1 1980Unprotect a Basic program that has been protected.
BATM-UNP.ZIP1387Mar 7 1990Unprotection for Batman.
BC2UNP.ZIP1645Sep 18 1990Unprotect "Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess".
BCH2-UNP.ZIP19496Nov 30 1990Unprotect for Battle Chess II.
BGUNP.ZIP16362Dec 10 1989Unprotect fix for Bar Game.
BH1942.ZIP989Aug 20 1990Unprotect for Battle Hawks 1942.
BHUNPROT.ZIP1726Dec 20 1991Fully functional unprotect for Battlehawks: 1942, BH.EXE version dated 10-6-88.
BOB-UNP.ZIP1404Feb 28 1990Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain unprotect.
BOJ-CRK2.ZIP4559Nov 22 1991Unprotect for Bo Jackson Baseball. This is the second version. Supports the EGA and VGA versions of the game.
BOPUNP.ZIP610Apr 7 1987Unprotect Balance of Power ver 1.0.
BOPWRES.ZIP1156Jan 1 1988Unprotect bop'n wrestle for HD.
BTLCHESS.ZIP1191Jan 15 1989Unprotect for Battle Chess.
BTLCHSS.ZIP1149Apr 15 1989Unprotects Battle Chess, manual no longer needed.
BUCKUNP.ZIP1114Sep 21 1993Unprotect for Buck Rogers 1&2 (Countdown to Doomsday & Matrix Cubed).
BUDOCHT.ZIP1057Dec 17 1989Allows you to play Budokan and never lose a man.
BUST11CP.ZIP165060Apr 27 1994Remove those nagware messages - both dos & windows - many programs.
C5-UNP.ZIP1075Aug 29 1994Unprotect for Challenge of the Five Realms.
CAMPAIGN.ZIP1645Jun 29 1991How to use campaign portion of Chuck Yeager's new game.
CAR-UNP.ZIP1357Jul 25 1987Unprotect for Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.
CARMENUP.ZIP3188Aug 28 1987Unprotect Carmen Sandiego.
CARRIER.ZIP1742Jul 27 1990Unprotect patch for Carrier Command.
CARWORLD.ZIP1602Jan 8 1990Unprotect for "Where in the World is Carmen S.?"
CASCHEAT.ZIP6364Jun 28 1991Gives you 3000 dollars for Castles. Manipulates save game files.
CASTLES.ZIP1288Jan 23 1993Unprotect for Castles.
CB-UNP.ZIP2460Aug 4 1990Unprotect fix for Colonel's Bequest.
CCINSULT.ZIP2540Mar 13 1987Remove reward message in carbon copy.
CDMANFX.ZIP17778Sep 1 1993Utility to use with Creative Dimensions CD-MAN 2 to eliminate the need to look up the name of the fire which apears on the screen.
CENT-UNP.ZIP1235Oct 26 1990Unprotect patch for Centurion.
CGUNP.ZIP1325May 15 1988Unprotect California Games.
CHARMUNP.ZIP1143Sep 17 1989Unprotect for Complex Hazardous Air Release Model (CHARM) V5.0.
CHTMAS62.ZIP677Jan 19 1987Chartmaster unprotect info.
CIV.ZIP1184Sep 17 1992Unprotect for Civilization (versions 1 & 3).
CIV5UNP.ZIP1060May 24 1993Update for Civilization unprotect to include versions 1,3,4 and 5b.
CIVWIN.ZIP905Jul 11 1994Unprotect for Civilization for Windows.
CLOUT256.ZIP1942Jul 2 1984For R:BASE 4000 users, unprotects CLOUT V1.0.
CLOUT384.ZIP1963Jul 2 1984Unprotects CLOUT for 384K disks.
CM2000.ZIP1708Oct 1 1986Unprotect Chess Master 2000 v. 1.01.
CM3000.ZIP4077Feb 10 1993Unprotect for Chess Master 3000.
COMICWIN.ZIP1331Jun 29 1989Fix 2-20-89 Captain Comic to never lose men.
COPYWRIT.ZIP1510Apr 24 1984Unprotects Copywrite.
CRKTUT.ZIP20965Nov 25 1988Copy protection cracking tutorial.
CW_UNP.ZIP2215Jan 3 1991Unprotect patch for "Crime Wave" from Access Software. (REVISED).
DAMBUST.ZIP1023Mar 26 1986Unprotect Dam Busters game.
DARK_UNP.ZIP1199Jun 12 1992Dark Seed: game unprotect.
DB3.ZIP1273Dec 11 1984Unprotect Dbase III, use with DB3ZAP.
DB3PLUS.ZIP9164Jan 22 1986The best Dbase unprotecter.
DB3UNP.ZIP1474Jul 2 1987Unprotect for DBASE3.
DB3V30.ZIP3721Oct 28 1986Unprotect for dbase for dbase version III.
DB3ZAP.ZIP377Nov 23 1984Use with DB3.
DB4FIX.ZIP31909Jan 23 1989Unprotects Database IV.
DE-JET2.ZIP15391Feb 23 1987Unprotect all versions of Jet.
DEMON.ZIP1047Dec 17 1989Unprotect for Demon Stalker.
DIAGRAPH.ZIP3166Jun 16 1986Unprotects diagraph 3.31.
DITKA.ZIP1122Jan 18 1992Unprotect for Mike Ditka's Ultimate Football.
DL_CHEAT.ZIP1809Jun 2 1990Dragon's Lair II Cheat Text File.
DOHFIX.ZIP12050Dec 19 1989Unprotect for ARKANOID II: Revenge of DoH.
DOUBLEDO.ZIP2156Jan 1 1980Unprotect DoubleDos.
DPRO3DOS.ZIP166306Aug 29 1993Unprotects many NEWER Files, Like Patcher, also includes TSR UNPROTECTS, Modern and Classical Libraries.
DREAM3O3.ZIP965Apr 22 1994Unprotect for Dream Team 3 on 3.
DRGNLAIR.ZIP2232Mar 2 1990Unprotect and life patch for Dragon's Lair.
DRHALO.ZIP2127Oct 29 1985Unprotect for Dr. Halo.
DTRACKCO.ZIP943Aug 9 1991Death Track Racing Game Copy Protection Codes.
DUEL_UNP.ZIP2870May 26 1989Unprotect procedure for The Duel (Testdrive II).
EASYWR11.ZIP2625Jan 1 1980Unprotect Easy Writer.
EMPDLX.ZIP1143Dec 19 1993Unprotect for Empire Deluxe (DOS version).
EMPUNP.ZIP656Dec 3 1992Unprotect instructions for EMPIRE game from InterStel.
ENABLE.ZIP1052Nov 14 1986Unprotect for Enable.
EOB-UNP.ZIP1342Jul 25 1991Unprotect for SSI's Eye of the Beholder.
EOB2UNP.ZIP850Jul 17 1992Unprotect for Eye of the Beholder II: Legend of Darkmoon.
EWBACKUP.ZIP1371Aug 1 1982Backup Easy Writer.
EXECUVSN.ZIP1839Apr 28 1984Unprotect Execu-vision.
F15.ZIP1189Apr 17 1990Unprotect for F15 Strike Eagle II.
F15IIUNP.ZIP2100Nov 3 1989Unprotect for F15-II.
F15UNP-1.ZIP2515Dec 4 1987Updated info on REMOVING copy protection on F-15 Strike Eagle.
F15UNP.ZIP1584Feb 24 1986Unprotect F15.
F16.ZIP1041Oct 15 1992Unprotect for F16.
F19UNPRO.ZIP10351Mar 22 1989Unprotect for F-19 Stealth Fighter.
F19_NEW.ZIP2621Feb 6 1989New F19 stealth fighter unprotect program.
FA1.ZIP62625Apr 5 1987Add-on for Flight Simulator and Jet, adds features and unprotects.
FA101.ZIP62625Apr 5 1987Unprotects Flight Simulator, Jet, and Scenery Disks. Adds new features.
FACENOP.ZIP2863Apr 1 1991This is an unprotect for the Tetris sequel FACES.
FAERY.ZIP1111Dec 7 1990Unprotect for Faery Tale.
FEDGRA.ZIP7162Jan 24 1990Cheat- add $ to Simcity, any amount you want up to 17 million.
FIREHAWK.ZIP3161Oct 17 1990Unprotect for Firehawk (Thexder II).
FIX-123.ZIP3750Oct 7 1989Removes opening screen from Lotus 123 2.2.
FIX-BC.ZIP1477Mar 4 1989A very simple unprotect for Battle Chess.
FIXSCG.ZIP7311Nov 3 1990Unprotect for Simcity graphics.
FLGHTSIM.ZIP892Feb 14 1984Unprotect Flight Simulator.
FPSF.ZIP1020Sep 28 1993Unprotect for Front Page Sports: Football Pro.
FW-FIX.ZIP3717Mar 23 1991Unprotect for Future Wars.
G2UNP.ZIP1210Oct 23 1989Simple unprotect for Gauntlet II.
GAMEZAPS.ZIP14346May 21 1992A whole bunch of zaps to use to unprotect a couple games.
GATO.ZIP612Jan 1 1980Unprotect for gato.
GATO2.ZIP607Jan 6 1986Unprotect gato.
GAUN-UNP.ZIP628Jan 6 1990A simple unprotect for Gauntlet.
GNBNA.ZIP973Jun 21 1993Unprotect for Great Naval Battles of the Atlantic.
GOLF.ZIP445Jan 5 1991Unprotect PGA Golf game.
GPUCRACK.ZIP2254Jun 2 1992A crack for Grand Prix Unlimited.
GR.ZIP7708Jul 21 1981The simplest solution to Gold Rush.
GRUSH.ZIP1387Jan 24 1989Unprotect for Sierra's Gold Rush.
GUNB-UNP.ZIP611Jun 28 1990Unprotect patch for Accolade's Gun Boat.
GUNSHIPS.ZIP5146Jan 31 1988Unprotect gunship.
GUNUNP.ZIP4657Jan 31 1988Unprotect gunship.
HACKGS.ZIP676Dec 19 1987Ends the copy protection on Gunship.
HACKUNP.ZIP830Sep 9 1990Unprotect for Hacker.
HARRIER.ZIP864May 28 1990Unprotect file for Space Harrier.
HARVARD.ZIP3352Apr 28 1984Unprotects Harvard Project Manager.
HAWKS.ZIP3807Mar 9 1989Unprotect for Battle Hawks.
HB2-UNP.ZIP1250Jan 6 1990Unprotect for Hardball II.
HB2UNP.ZIP2010May 2 1990Unprotect for HARDBALL II.
HB3CRACK.ZIP1245May 6 1992Patch for HardBall III that eliminates the need for the codewheel. This one actually works.
HBPATCH.ZIP3897May 6 1992Hardball III: game unprotect.
HELI_UNP.ZIP1910Mar 11 1988Unprotect Sierra's 3D Helicopter, NO DEBUG.
HELLCAT.ZIP1761Sep 21 1987Unprotect Hell Cat Ace game.
HEROES.ZIP2838Aug 28 1989Unprotect for Heroes of the Lance.
HINTS688.ZIP4355May 27 1989Design notes and playing hints for 688 Sub game, by author.
HOMEWORD.ZIP852Nov 26 1989Unprotect fix for Homeword.
HPMV116.ZIP3156Jul 2 1984Unprotects Harvard Project Manager V1.16.
INDY500U.ZIP8386Jul 17 1990This is a unprotect patch for Indy 500.
INDYCAR.ZIP1044Apr 17 1994Unprotect for IndyCar Racing.
INDYUNP2.ZIP1624Aug 28 1990Unprotect for Indiana Jones And Last Crusades.
INTRLUD2.ZIP2114Mar 22 1987Unprotect for Interlude 2.
ISH_UNP.ZIP1225Nov 5 1990Unprotect for ISHIDO-The Way Of The Stones.
JACKFIX.ZIP1310Jan 12 1989Bypass use of hole chart in startup of J. Nicklaus Golf.
JAVELIN.ZIP969Jan 21 1987Unprotects Javelin.
JFUNP.ZIP11980Mar 25 1990Unprotect for Jetfighter.
JNSSCRAK.ZIP17536Apr 15 1992Unprotect for Jack Nicklaus SS golf.
JNUNLUNP.ZIP1320Jul 9 1980Unprotect for Jack Nichlaus Unlimited Golf and Course Design.
JNUNLUPA.ZIP1394Aug 28 1990Unprotect for Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf.
JOEUNPRO.ZIP1429Feb 13 1991Unprotect Jon Montana Football.
JUMP_UNP.ZIP946Nov 21 1993Unprotect for Harrier Jump Jet.
KARATE.ZIP1019Jan 1 1980Unprotect for Karateka.
KOSUNP.ZIP561Feb 11 1991Knights of the Sky unprotect patch.
KQ3UNP.ZIP16339Apr 5 1988Unprotect Kings Quest 3.
KQ4UNP.ZIP3023Oct 20 1988Unprotect for King's Quest IV.
KQ5FIX.ZIP4516Nov 21 1990Unprotect for Kings Quest 5.
KQ5_UNP.ZIP4516Nov 21 1990Unprotect for Kings Quest 5.
KQ6CRACK.ZIP4378Oct 16 1992Kings Quest 6 unprotect.
LAYOUT.ZIP560Apr 28 1984Unprotect Layout.
LEMUNP2.ZIP2676Jun 22 1991Unprotect for Lemmings game.
LLUNP.ZIP20300Feb 28 1987Leisure Suit Larry Unprotect.
LOAD.ZIP2742Jun 30 1985Be able to load Lotus Ver. 1A from hard disk without the system disk!.
LOCK_SW.ZIP181580Mar 4 1994LockSmith - unprotects some games.
LODRUN.ZIP2368Nov 8 1986Unprotects Lode Runner.
LOSTADMR.ZIP905Jul 2 1992Unprotect for The Lost Admiral.
LOV-UNP.ZIP1796Jan 17 1993Unprotect for Legends of Valour.
LOWBLOW.ZIP1430Jul 17 1990Unprotect fix for Lowblow.
LSL2-FIX.ZIP1868Nov 12 1988Unprotects Leisure Suit Larry 2. Batch file that runs your DEBUG.
LSL2-SOL.ZIP3556Nov 11 1988Solution for Leisure Suit Larry 2.
LSL3SOLN.ZIP5287Dec 18 1989Solution to Leisure Suit Larry Part 3.
LSL5CRK.ZIP21391Sep 24 1991Leisure Suit Larry 5 Unprotect.
M18EGA.ZIP1874May 29 1987Unprotect ega version of mean 18 golf.
M18MENU2.ZIP12879Jan 30 1989Arc/Unarc Mean 18 golf courses and select course from menu. New for '89.
MADDENFB.ZIP864May 31 1990Unprotect fix for John Madden Football.
MARBLMAD.ZIP1100Dec 2 1987Unprotect for Marble Madness.
MBUNLCK.ZIP1010Jan 14 1990Unlock for Mavis Bacon Typing Tutor.
MDFB-UNP.ZIP1149Jan 24 1992Unprotect for Accolade's Mike Ditka's Ultimate Football - Bye-Bye code wheel.
MEAN18.ZIP1255Feb 21 1987Unprotect accolade's Mean18.
MECHWAR.ZIP1449Apr 20 1990Unprotect for MechWarrior.
MEMSHIFT.ZIP642Jan 1 1980Unprotect Memory/Shift.
MI2FXINC.ZIP70969Dec 14 1991Monkey Island II unprotect.
MKUNP.ZIP575Jan 25 1994Unprotect Mortal Kombat.
ML28-30.ZIP1876Dec 24 1984Unprotect Multilink.
MLINK206.ZIP1025Apr 24 1984Unprotect Multilink 2.6.
MLINK207.ZIP1002Jun 29 1984Unprotect Multilink 2.7.
MORE_UNP.ZIP94180Aug 8 1992Various unprotects for commercial games.
MS2.ZIP915Jan 1 1980Unprotect Memory/Shift V2.1.
MSUNP.ZIP1669Dec 4 1989Unprotect for Mean Streets.
MSWORD.ZIP1543Jan 1 1980Unprotect MS Word.
MVGAUNP.ZIP73967Dec 3 1990Unprotect for VGA/256 Secret of Monkey Island game.
MYM-ALL.ZIP1814Mar 8 1986Unprotect Managing Your Money Com files with doc's.
MYM152.ZIP969Jan 1 1980Unprotect Managing Your Money.
NAG11C.ZIP166662Apr 27 1994Nag-BUSTER v1.1c - Removes the nags from tons of Windows and DOS programs.
NBUST12B.ZIP174998Aug 26 1994This is the latest version of Nag Buster, a program that removes the programmed "nags" from over 150 different shareware programs.
NEV0493C.ZIP196535Apr 26 1993An unprotection utility. Lots of unprotects built in with many, many more available with registration. The BEST unprotection program I have seen.
NEW123.ZIP1034Jan 1 1980Unprotect new version's of 123V1.0A.
NEWPOP.ZIP695Nov 10 1990New Unprotect for Prince of Persia.
NVL9412F.ZIP203469Dec 17 1994NeverLock removes copy-protection from a variety of software products. NeverLock is intended solely for the use of legitimate owners or licensees of these products.
OOTWLEVS.ZIP601May 28 1992Passwords for Out of this World.
ORION.ZIP1053Mar 17 1994Unprotect for Master of Orion.
PACHR100.ZIP41462Feb 3 1991Some more unprotects.
PACHR101.ZIP51336Dec 14 1991And still, some more unprotects.
PAPERBOY.ZIP1142Nov 11 1989Unprotect for Paperboy game.
PATCHV63.ZIP28223Aug 26 1994The Patcher v6.3 unprotects 165 games.
PATTON.ZIP1126Sep 24 1993Unprotect for Patton Strikes Back.
PCDRAW.ZIP1863Apr 24 1984Unprotect Pc-Draw V1.2.
PCDRAW14.ZIP1741Jul 2 1984Unprotect PC-Draw V1.4.
PCM.ZIP630Feb 16 1984Unprotect IBM's personal communication manager.
PFS-PROG.ZIP1436Jul 2 1984Unprotect PFS series.
PGEN-UNP.ZIP847Feb 28 1993Unprotect for Perfect General - completly removes the fool question.
PIPEDREM.ZIP1805Jan 7 1991Unprotect for PIPE DREAM.
PMONGER.ZIP972Feb 11 1994Unprotect for PowerMonger.
POD-UNP.ZIP2888Apr 24 1992Unprotect for Pool of Darkness.
POLICE.ZIP23718Jun 1 1988The Police Quest Cuss Reducer - allows you to cheat at the game.
POOLRAD1.ZIP2374Nov 9 1989Unprotect & Character Enhancer for Pool of Radiance.
POPULOUS.ZIP1190Jan 11 1990Unprotect for POPULOUS.
POWERUNP.ZIP1740Dec 14 1986Unprotect POWER-UP Software.
PQ2FIX.ZIP1537Dec 26 1988Unprotect for Police Quest II.
PQ2SOLVE.ZIP6124Jul 27 1989Complete Police Quest II walkthrough. Not hints.
PRNTSHOP.ZIP1672Feb 24 1986Unprotect for Printshop.
PROBASIC.ZIP1379Feb 10 1987Unprotect Professional Basic.
PROKEY.ZIP1011Apr 28 1984Unprotect Prokey V3.0.
PROTO.ZIP1015May 30 1994Unprotect for Protostar.
PROUNP.ZIP91589Jun 9 1986Unprotect almost anything.
PSHOPUNP.ZIP2134Jan 2 1987Fully Unprotect Print Shop.
PTS.ZIP3837Jan 1 1980Unprotecting the Personal Typography System by Compugraphic (key device).
PTW.ZIP1398Jan 1 1980Unprotect key-protected program PTW (Typesetting program).
RAIL-UNP.ZIP1311Oct 22 1990Unprotect for Railroad Tycoon.
RAMPAGE.ZIP390Apr 16 1990Unprotect for Rampage.
RANGUNP.ZIP915May 4 1990Unprotect for Airborne Ranger.
RB4000.ZIP1867Jul 2 1984Unprotect Rbase 4000.
RCOPY.ZIP142160Jul 5 1993Utility to remove copy protection from many games. Better than NEVERLOCK. For legitimate owners of games only.
RENEGADE.ZIP698Apr 9 1991Unprotect file for SSI's Renegade Legion.
ROADRUNC.ZIP1813Sep 19 1990How to unprotect the game Road Runner.
ROSEUNP.ZIP2899Apr 12 1989Unprotect for Pete Rose Pennant Fever.
SAMNA.ZIP1610Mar 2 1984Unprotect Samna Word.
SARG4UNP.ZIP17253Nov 25 1990This completely eliminates the question and answer copy protection from Sargon 4 version 1.01. The new version will go right from the opening picture screen to the game. No DEBUG needed. All automatic.
SARGON3.ZIP1033Apr 27 1984Unprotect Sargon III.
SB2TRN0.ZIP4812Oct 20 1991Trainer for Speedball 2. Unlimited power, etc.
SB2_UNP.ZIP1467Feb 28 1992Unprotect for SpeedBall 2.
SCCODE.ZIP5930May 11 1990A complete list of codes for SimCity game. You do not need the sheet that came with the program. Useful if you lost it.
SCGFIX.ZIP7333Nov 3 1990Removes copy protection from SimCity Graphics set 1 and 2.
SCUNP.ZIP1065Oct 14 1990Unprotect for starcon.
SC_UNP.ZIP1180Oct 14 1990Unprotect for Star Control.
SEARTH.ZIP2153Jan 16 1991Unprotect for Sim Earth.
SELIST.ZIP1104Feb 22 1992A complete list of the copy protection stuff for SimEarth. You don't need the manual for copy protection anymore.
SF2-DOC.ZIP8513Dec 29 1989Star Flight ][ Docs!.
SHINOBI.ZIP528Sep 8 1990Unprotect fix for Shinobi.
SIDEKICK.ZIP795Jan 1 1980Unprotect Sidekick V1.
SIMC-UNP.ZIP689Dec 31 1989Simple unprotect patch for SIMCITY.
SIMC17.ZIP736Nov 30 1990Simcity version 1.7 unprotecter.
SIMCITY.ZIP689Dec 31 1989Unprotect for SimCity.
SIMCTY17.ZIP735Nov 30 1990A clear concise unprotect for SIMCITY version 1.7 selling in DEC 90.
SIMEARTH.ZIP1270May 21 1991Unprotect for SimEarth - completely removes the question.
SIMLIST.ZIP1104Feb 22 1992SimEarth Codes.
SIMTOOLS.ZIP25552Aug 8 1990Simtools will unprotect SimCity, and give a city more money.
SIMUNP.ZIP436Apr 21 1991Unprotect for Simcity.
SK110A.ZIP752Dec 22 1984Unprotect Sidekick V1.1a.
SK111A.ZIP775Dec 24 1984Unprotect Sidekick V1.11a.
SK111C.ZIP1041Dec 24 1984Unprotect Sidekick V1.11c.
SKATEUNP.ZIP965Apr 26 1989An Unprotect for Electronic Arts Skate Or Die.
SM2PATCH.ZIP8625Mar 30 1991Unprotect for Wing Commander Secret Missions 2.
SOD-UNP.ZIP1270Jul 13 1993Unprotect for Spear of Destiny.
SOLMECH.ZIP7306Sep 12 1990Solution to the game Mech Warrior.
SPACEHO.ZIP747Jul 21 1993Unprotect for Spaceward Ho! for Windows (possibly DOS version as well).
SPSSUNP.ZIP1475May 27 1986Unprotect for SPSSPC+.
SPYHUNT.ZIP5484May 15 1986Unprotect spy hunter.
SQ1.ZIP1802Apr 14 1988Use DEBUG to unprotect SPACE QUEST I.
SQ2.ZIP1791Apr 14 1988Use DEBUG to unprotect SPACE QUEST II.
SQ4CRUE.ZIP3576Mar 12 1991Unprotect patch for Space Quest IV.
SQ4UNDR.ZIP4609Nov 26 1991Unprotect for Space Quest IV.
SQ4UNP.ZIP1172Oct 4 1992An Unprotect for Space Quest Four.
SQ5CODE.ZIP569Feb 3 1993Space Quest 5 codes.
SR-UNP.ZIP2287Jul 21 1990Unprotect for Street Rod.
SRGN4_FX.ZIP1261Dec 17 1989The one and only known patch to fix Sargon IV to avoid playing Quiz Game at the start of the program. With this simple patch, the answer is ALWAYS "1924.".
SSHRKUNP.ZIP2768Nov 10 1990Unprotect for Sky Shark - 4/4/89 version.
ST25UNPR.ZIP26114Feb 15 1992An unprotection for: Star Trek: 25th anniversary edition.
STARC.ZIP1158Oct 14 1990Unprotect for Starcon game.
STKRUNP.ZIP1791Feb 15 1992Remove registration info from stacker v2.0.
STRATCRK.ZIP1087Jun 7 1993Unprotect for Stratego - more general than the previous unprotect.
STRATUNP.ZIP489May 4 1991Unprotect for Stratego.
STRNGHLD.ZIP1124Dec 9 1994Unprotect for Stronghold.
STUNTS.ZIP13304Dec 26 1990Unprotect for Stunts.
SU25-UNP.ZIP1862Feb 21 1991Unprotect for Stormovik - SU25.
SWOTL.ZIP649Sep 5 1991Simple unprotect to eliminate the need for the code wheel in Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe.
SWOTLUNP.ZIP685Sep 3 1991Unprotect for Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe.
SYMBREAK.ZIP8917Mar 20 1985A Colletion of Tools To Remove Copy Protection on Symphony.
SYMPH12.ZIP5380Feb 28 1987Unprotect symphony vers 1.2 use the exe file in this arc.
SYMPHONY.ZIP5380Jul 5 1987UNPROTECTS "SYMPHONY" Ver. 1.2, Replace Symphony.Com with this!.
TANK.ZIP1314Dec 24 1984Unprotect Think Tank.
TBCUP1J.ZIP3159Jul 6 1986Unprotect the black cauldren.
TD2UNP.ZIP610Jan 22 1990Unprotect for Test Drive II.
TD3NEW.ZIP1786Jan 6 1991Unprotect for Test Drive III - completely eliminates protection question.
TD3UNP.ZIP1152Nov 7 1990Unprotect for Test Drive III.
TESTDRIV.ZIP1106Jan 19 1988Unprotect for Accolade's TEST DRIVE.
TEST_UNP.ZIP2868May 26 1989Unprotect for THE DUEL.
THEXDER.ZIP1219Nov 16 1987Unprotect for the sierra game of THEXDER.
THEXLEVL.ZIP3272Jan 15 1989Control the level of play when playing Thexder.
TIME-MGR.ZIP1033May 20 1984Unprotect IBM's Time Manager.
TIME-UNP.ZIP695Jan 5 1990To unprotect Where In Time Is Carmen SanDiego.
TKSOLVER.ZIP3189Jul 2 1984Unprotect TK!SOLVER.
TMNT_UNP.ZIP2239Aug 26 1990Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles unprotect fix.
TOPLIB50.ZIP95177Mar 13 1993Library of over 100 unprotects some recent like Dune II.
TOPUNP.ZIP9009Apr 6 1992A bunch of unprotects for recent games.
TOPUNPS.ZIP14864Mar 19 1991Unprotects for 30 top games.
TOUCHDWN.ZIP4046Jan 1 1980Unprotect for Touchdown Football.
TPASS.ZIP8832Jul 26 1994Star Wars Tie Fighter TSR for password entry, must have your passwords.
TWINCOPY.ZIP18261Feb 6 1985Unprotects for several programs.
U7CHEAT.ZIP11223Jun 7 1992Ultima 7 Cheat.
U7UNPROT.ZIP6179Jun 5 1992Unprotect for Ultima 7.
ULT6EDIT.ZIP11715Apr 1 1990Character editor for Ultima 6.
ULTIMA5.ZIP1835Oct 30 1989This program allows playing Ultima V from a backup disk. Includes ASM source code of the actual TSR.
UNP-A-D.ZIP88577Mar 2 1989Unprtoect several progs.
UNP-R-T.ZIP68479Dec 16 1986Collection of unprotects for titles R-T.
UNP89-3.ZIP8877Jan 30 1989Unprotect for various games. (Test Drive, Grand Prix, etc).
UNPROT-1.ZIP162047Mar 14 2018Various unprotects for A thru M.
UNPROT-2.ZIP133100Mar 2 1987Various unprotects for N thru Z.
UNPROT.ZIP13053Jan 26 1987Various unprotects.
UNPROT00.ZIP40637Oct 25 1986Collection of "unprotectors".
UNPROT2.ZIP138423Dec 3 1986A whole file full of useful unprotects.
UNPROT21.ZIP92875Dec 18 1989Very nice menu driven program to automatically unprotect 92 programs, mostly games, some recent.
UNPRST25.ZIP52710Jul 17 1992Unprotect program for ST 25th Anniversary game.
UNPSIRRA.ZIP15526Feb 23 1988Unprotect sierra's Thexder and some other sierra games.
UNP_INDY.ZIP1412Feb 18 1990Unprotect for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
UNVET.ZIP384Jul 21 1990Unprotect for Vette by Accolade.
UP-PM191.ZIP1292Jan 9 1991Unprotect for PrintMaster, first appeared early 1986, updated for later versions Jan 91.
USTN_UNP.ZIP1571Oct 25 1989Unprotect patch for Microstation version 3.0D.
VEIL.ZIP1033May 28 1994Unprotect for Veil of Darkness.
VETTEUNP.ZIP1384May 4 1990Unprotect for Vette.
VISICALC.ZIP1693Jan 1 1980Unprotect Visicalc.
WAS.ZIP1516Sep 13 1987Unprotect 'Ancient Art of War at Sea'.
WC2CHT.ZIP6896Sep 2 1991Wing Commander II cheat. Makes your ship invulnerable and gives you unlimited fire power.
WCFIX.ZIP12165May 19 1991Unprotect, and Hex-Edit instructions for Wing Commander.
WELLTRIS.ZIP621Jan 22 1990Unprotect for Welltris.
WELTUNP.ZIP673Jun 8 1980Two unprotects for two different versions of Welltris; WELLTRIS.EXE dated at 10-03-89 at 6:03 pm and WELLTRIS.EXE dated at 10-20-89 at 2:39 pm. Must have hex editor.
WING-TT.ZIP7365Oct 13 1990Cheat for "Wing Commander" game.
WINGCFIX.ZIP1214Dec 11 1990Another fix for Wing Commander.
WINGCMDR.ZIP1236Dec 11 1990Unprotect for Wing Commander - removes the question entirely.
WOLFUNP.ZIP686Jun 25 1990Unprotect patch that will remove the documentation check from Wolfpack.
WOLFUNZP.ZIP990May 25 1990Wolf Pack unprotect patch.
XCOM.ZIP1087Oct 23 1994Unprotect for X-COM.
XEEN-CRK.ZIP683May 29 1993Unprotect for Might & Magic 4 or 5 (both Xeens).
XENOCOPY.ZIP2573Jul 2 1984Unprotect Xenocopy.
XUNP.ZIP1805Jun 4 1990Unprotect for LHX Attack Chopper.
XWINGUN.ZIP831Mar 14 1993Unprotect for X-Wing.
XWINGUNP.ZIP831Mar 14 1993Unprotect for X-Wing.
YGRCMBT.ZIP1407Sep 1 1991Unprotect for Yeager Air Combat.
ZAC_UNP.ZIP1011Mar 25 1989Unprotect for Zac McKraken.
ZAKHINTS.ZIP3747Dec 25 1988Hints to zak mcracken.
ZANYFIX.ZIP9589May 4 1989Unprotect for Zany Golf.
ZHOUNP.ZIP717Jun 18 1990Remove the documemtation check from The Zhodani Conspiracy.
ZORK12.ZIP888Feb 14 1984Unprotect Zork 1 and 2.
ZORK3.ZIP746Jan 1 1980Unprotect Zork 3.