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Use DEBUG to unprotect SPACE QUEST II.
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Use DEBUG to unprotect SPACE QUEST II.
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Contents of the SQ2.DOC file

This procedure will enable you to unprotect Sierra On-Line's 3D Space
Quest II game. The procedure is based on an unprotect procedure for
KING'S QUEST III, by an unknown author.

There are two files included in this ARC package:

1. SQ2.DOC - This file
2. SQ2.DAT - Supplementary file needed during DEBUG session.

The procedure is relatively simple:

1) Put a blank, formatted diskette in drive B, and the SPACE QUEST II
Disk #1 in drive A, then at the A> prompt, COPY *.* B:. Then put Disk
#1 away - you won't need it anymore!

2) Load DEBUG, making sure both SQ2.COM (on the backup disk) and
SQ2.DAT (from this package) are both in the current path or on the
default drive.

3) Use DEBUG to patch SQ2.COM

-R (Record value of CX register)
-L 141
-E 3C1
XXXX:03C1 E8.90 2E.90 04 .90
CX 0080
:???? (Enter value of CX you recorded)

4) That's all there is to it. SPACE QUEST II is now

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