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How to unprotect the game Road Runner.
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How to unprotect the game Road Runner.
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The program ROAD RUNNER by Mindscape contains a copy protection
scheme which permits running the program only from the original
disk or only from a single hard drive after installation. After
installing the program on a hard drive, the program will not run on
the original disk unless it is uninstalled from the hard disk.
This inhibits the chance of making a backup copy of the program
for protection, especially when small children are involved who
may damage a 5-1/4" disk. However, it is possible to install the
program to another floppy disk as if it were a hard disk without
altering the original disk and from which additional copies of the
new disk can be made. This text describes how to do so.

1. Put a write protect tab on the original disk for protection.

2. This method works with a 2 drive system. I have not tried it
with a one drive system.

3. Make a copy of the original disk using COPYIIPC, COPYWRIT or
some similar program. Note that this copy will not be totally
successful, at least for the versions of COPYIIPC and COPYWRIT
which I tried, and the program will not run from the new copy.

4. Add a DRIVER.SYS device driver to your CONFIG.SYS file to
configure your system such that the drive which you want to
copy to will also be recognized as drive C:, D:, E:, or F:.
This drive should be your B: drive, although everything may
work out if it is your A: drive in which case all A: below
should be read as B:. Re-boot your computer to have the
device driver installed.

5. Place the original disk of ROAD RUNNER in drive A:. Change the
prompt to C:, D:, E:, of F:, whichever represents the other
floppy drive based on step 4. From that drive type
A:INSTALL and press ENTER.

6. The program will check the disk in drive A for authenticity
and then for some strange reason it will pause and ask whether
the original disk is in drive A: or B:. This makes no sense, but
it provides the reason for why the following will work okay.
After the program pauses, remove the original disk from drive
A: and insert the copy made using COPYIIPC or COPYWRIT. Then
respond A to the question and continue. Select whether or
not to create a subdirectory on drive C:, D:, E:, or F:. The
installation procedure will proceed to install the program onto
the floppy disk in your dummy hard drive. Your copy of the
ROAD RUNNER disk in drive A: will be altered rather than the
original. Note that installation takes several minutes.

7. Now you should have the original ROAD RUNNER disk unaltered and
still capable of running and another floppy disk copy that will
run. Note that the new disk will only run from a floppy disk
drive that has been set up as C:, D:, E:, or F:. It will not
run from A: or B:. The other important thing is that an
unlimited number of copies of the new disk can be made by using
DISKCOPY. You can not use COPY *.* nor XCOPY *.*. It is
important that each disk be an exact copy of the "installed disk".

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