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Unprotect patch for Microstation version 3.0D.
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Unprotect patch for Microstation version 3.0D.
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I'm sure some of you, like I do, have problems with those parallel
port protection keys that come with some software. When you have
3 or 4 of them attached to the back of your computer, you have to have
8-10 inches (!) of clearance for the back of your machine. And they tend
to suffer great harm when attached to a laptop or portable.

I like what Intergraph/Bentley Systems did in making Microstation run as
a demo version if the key is not attached. However, while you don't lose
your work, the abrupt program exit every 10 minutes or so is kinda annoying.

So I offer a better solution. If this patch works, MicroStation will run
continuously without the key. If not, well, sorry to get your hopes up.

I recommend you do this on a copy of your MGDS.EXE file so if something
screws up you won't have to re-install Microstation.

Follow each line under "You Type" with a carriage return.

copy mgds.exe *.old "1 file(s) copied make a backup just
in case...

ren mgds.exe x DOS prompt put file in format
that DEBUG can handle

debug x DEBUG dash prompt load file into DEBUG

E 5BC9 EB DEBUG dash prompt patch file
E 9BA2 EB " " "
E B127 EB " " "

R gives display of look at the entry
registers and their CS=WXYZ, where WXYZ
values is some hexadecimal
number. Add 3000 hex
to it to get another
hex number PQRS; e.g.,
if WXYZ=12A9, then

E PQRS:3C68 B8 04 45 89 46 FC EB patch more of file

W "mmmmm bytes written write file
to file"
Q DOS prompt quit DEBUG

ren x mgds.exe DOS prompt restore status quo

DONE! Now run Microstation, and hope all goes well. Good luck.

(No Obtrusive Protection)

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