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Some more unprotects.
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Some more unprotects.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BCHESS.UNP 148 92 deflated
BUBBLE.UNP 95 65 deflated
CAPCOMIC.UNP 150 101 deflated
F19.UNP 124 86 deflated
GATO.UNP 139 86 deflated
GOLFC.UNP 72 64 deflated
GOLFE.UNP 72 64 deflated
GOLFT.UNP 74 66 deflated
GPBIKCGA.UNP 185 123 deflated
GPBIKEGA.UNP 185 122 deflated
GPBIKTDY.UNP 187 124 deflated
GPCARCGA.UNP 424 174 deflated
GPCAREGA.UNP 424 174 deflated
GPCARTDY.UNP 426 176 deflated
INDY500.UNP 148 85 deflated
L&D2.UNP 116 102 deflated
OPWOLF.UNP 258 126 deflated
OUTCGA.UNP 374 178 deflated
PATCHER.DOC 2931 1376 deflated
PATCHER.EXE 40702 30109 deflated
SPUT.UNP 216 130 deflated
SPUTROL.UNP 169 110 deflated
SS2.UNP 223 151 deflated
SUB688.UNP 161 116 deflated
TD2CGA.UNP 317 150 deflated
TD2EGA.UNP 317 150 deflated
TD2TDY.UNP 319 155 deflated
TOWERCGA.UNP 585 219 deflated
ULTIMA5.UNP 137 90 deflated
UNP.BAT 33 30 deflated
UNPS.DOC 1480 673 deflated
WELLTRIS.UNP 117 95 deflated
WINGCOMM.UNP 59 49 deflated
WONDRLND.UNP 103 88 deflated

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Contents of the PATCHER.DOC file

PACHR100.ZIP 12/06/90

(C) Rick Mann - Sysop of AeroSpace PCBoard BBS

Patcher evolved for two basic reasons:

1. I do not like deleting the original protected version of any software.
(this is because you never know if, sooner or later, you will find that
the patch didn't totally work, or that there is a better patch discovered
one day). I also do not like keeping 2 copies of large exe files around
because of the amount of disc space consumed.

2. I cannot afford the time to reenter a tedious debug session every time I
wish to bring the original from a ZIP file for use. (most unprotects
found on BBSs consist of a doc file showing how to unprotect a piece of
code using debug, PCTools, Norton, et al).

To install:

1. Edit UNP.BAT, replacing the 'C:\UTIL\PATCHES' with the location of your
PATCHER compatible UNPprotect files (*.UNP).

2. Place both the UNP.BAT and PATCHER.EXE in your utility directory (or
elsewhere in your path).

To use:

1. Go to the directory which contains the file which is to be patched.

2. Enter 'UNP xxxxxxxx'; where xxxxxxxx is the name of the .UNP file for
the program you wish to patch [do not include the extension].

To enhance: (add your own unprotects)

.....I'll be detailing this in a later version.....
.....Once people start doing this, and uploading their PATCHER compatible
UNProtects to bulletin boards, we should finally have a standardized
method of unprotecting software.

This software is free while you are a registered member of the AeroSpace
PCBoard BBS. New unprotect files are made available to members as they are
created. Currently, membership on the board is free, but no guarantees for
the future. If you are not a registered member, or cease to become one, then
normal shareware rules are to be followed. Permanent registration for this
software is $10.00 CDN. Upgrades are free for registered copies, and may be
picked up from any bulletin board. If you wish to have upgrades or the most
current version mailed, (along with all available .UNP files), the cost is
$3.00 + shipping (5 1/4" 360K floppy). Prices are subject to change, but not
expected within the near future.

NB: The purpose of unprotecting a program is not to steal it, but to allow
a person who has purchased software to:

a) remove unwanted documentation checks
b) remove the need for a 'boot disk' (allow running entirely from HD)
c) make fully operational backup copies
d) etc.

If you are in posession of software which was not purchased, you are
in posession of stolen property. Whether or not you use an unprotect
to make it useable, is not the issue!

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