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Unprotect for Sky Shark - 4/4/89 version.
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Unprotect for Sky Shark – 4/4/89 version.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
SKYSHARK.COM 787 274 deflated
SKYSHARK.EXE 6144 1240 deflated
SSHRKUNP.TXT 993 536 deflated

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Contents of the SSHRKUNP.TXT file

10 November 90

Deprotect for Sky Shark by Taito

This works for my version which bears the following file dates:

SKYSHARK.COM 4240 4-04-89
SHARK.DAT 133723 4-04-89

First copy all the files to a subdirectory or to a normal blank
DOS disk -- Then put away your original disks. (-- You do have
the ORIGINAL DISKS don't you ?? .... don't tell me! I don't want
to know!)

Next erase the file SKYSHARK.COM from the copied disk. Then copy
the two files from this zipfile (Skyshark.EXE and Skyshark.COM) to
the work disk. -- and Voila! you have an unprotected copy of Sky
Shark which can be copied with diskcopy, copied to a hard drive
and will run without any foolishness about key disks.

(Don't worry about having two files with almost the same name
(SKYSHARK COM and EXE) -- DOS will be able to tell them apart and
will run them in the proper order).

Courtesy of the Reno Cracker.

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