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Unprotect for Accolade's Mike Ditka's Ultimate Football - Bye-Bye code wheel.
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Unprotect for Accolade’s Mike Ditka’s Ultimate Football – Bye-Bye code wheel.
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Contents of the MDFB_UNP.TXT file

Okay, time to break Mike Ditka's Ultimate Football....

MTFB.EXE and DAT101.DAT are dated 10/20/91.

They use an overlay scheme, and load part of the executable code in from
(among other executable files) a file called DAT101.DAT.

Do the following:

1. Copy DAT101.DAT to DAT101.OK (or some other suitable backup name),
just in case this doesn't work.

2. Run DEBUG as follows:


and you get the "-" prompt.

3. Type


debug will come back with some segment plus the BD57 offset.

It'll look like this:


Where NNNN is the segment ( which will be unique to your own
particular setup - trust me, just do it - it doesn't matter)

At this point, type NOP and press return.
then, type NOP again, and press return.
press return again, and this will return you
to the " - " prompt.

4. Then, type E CS:BD5E and press return.
It'll come back with the address, and a " 12. "
enter 22, and press return. You have made all of
the necessary changes. To write the file back out,
press W and return, and then Q to quit.

5. Now, when you are asked to enter the special number from the
code wheel, just press return. And enjoy!

Good Luck.

"Hacking: It's not just a's a lot of fun."

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